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  1. Yessir, it worked for me too, with studio driver 430.86. Thanks for that...
  2. I did not read all of the contributions here, but I would like to testify my case, to try to help others. I use Nvidia 1070FTW GPU and Ryzen 9 CPU. And obviously P3D V5. What I have here is PMDG 737NGXu rock solid OK could not cause one crash at all, using UTL, FSFlightControl, Active Sky, ATC open and running, night flights, in crowded airports. Never crashed. And good frame rate. The same happens with FSLabs 320X, also solid and acceptable frame rate. But Aerosoft Airbus Professional and Feelthere Embraer 195 ALLWAYS crash. I am sure it is an aircraft addon causing that. No use at all to edit register or close ATC. Maybe PMDG and FSLabs could sell the other guys what is the secret 🙂 Regards, hope this helps progress of humanity.
  3. Nice ! I did not intend to be new. I just wanted to help somebody, putting in a clear way what I found.
  4. I tried also FFTF 0.01, but I had lousy blurred scenery displayed. 0.05 also not good. Then went back to 0.1. My thought was that stuttering and low FPS were the same thing. It is a shame I had to spend a little bit more than expected in CPU, MB and Video Board to get to fly in a decent way, not looking most of the time to FPS counter. The simulator program should more democratic...
  5. Not quite. But minimum in extreme conditions like Heathrow with 60% Ultimate Traffic Live by night, AES Airbus 320 Orbx Europe, FPS is not less than 18. And yesss, amazing !
  6. Hello ! I just got to make my flying much better this weekend following the suggestions above. So, I would like to make this public to help somebody else get good results from Prepard3d 4.5. My system is composed of a Main Board ASUS B450 processor Rayzen 2700X 16 cores and a video board NVIDIA GTX 1070, 16 GB main memory, four monitors connected, one of them with VC, and other with external plane view. The other two monitors run with auxiliary 2D screens. Resoluiton 4k on the main monitor. I was even used to fly with 8~10 fps in very difficult way, having to turn everything off when departing and landing. Then I read the considerations above and had a wonderful progress. Using affinity mask of 65535 and FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.1, everything else made minor minor changes. I more than doubled FPS as a result and now can play freely with the other settings, putting the cursors to the right for all settings, having even Airbus 319x and 320X from FlightSim Labs running smooth with no shaking in approach and depart any more. I also limited FPS to 24 to free CPU power for use at around 90% on core 0. This caused the Video Board to present to work more effectively, now loaded with more than 70%. No problems with cooling, air in my case, with the boards raising to around 70 degree Celsius. I understand that for flight simulation you do not need more than 24 FPS. Before this changes, the boards seemed quite lazy, with 20~30 percent load. Hope this helps somebody. I was tired of having inefficient advices from the Internet, and people saying "my system runs at 65 FPS steadily, I made this and this and this". I do not believe that !
  7. Never happened in my system. The clear before load solved all problems.
  8. Great advice ! At least for the first flight after clearing the flight plan and loaded again, it worked perfectly. Maybe it´s time for PMDG to fix that. Many thanks.
  9. I am having a similar problem, but what happens is that ATC simply stops functioning. The screen is there, with a message "no messages to send to XXXX" or "no messages to send to anyone", without any other option. That happens only with PMDG 777 and 737 NGX. Is there way to reset only the the ATC engine only, to try to fix that during flight ? Thanks for your help
  10. Thanks for the answer, but I never had to contact him, and I don´t know how. Do anyone know his email or other contact ?
  11. Thanks for the answer, but I never had to contact him, and I don´t know how. Do anyone know his email or other contact ?
  12. Sorry, but it is not clear for me how to get updates for my Halifax airport purchased for FSX, and now I am using P3D V4. Please clarify these good news !
  13. Dear Sirs: I purchased a FSX version of 777 Base Pack and am now using the recently made available Prepar3d V4. My question is am I entitled to have the update to P3D V4 at no cost ? Thanks
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