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  1. Is it possible to list nearest airport for the user Peter? That way a user could start at the airport nearest pilots they might want to fly with instead of following them.
  2. Just a shameless reminder that this event is happening this coming Saturday. If your planning to attend follow the instructions on the page linked above and check everything is working for the day. It looks to be very busy and I hope to see you there.
  3. I'm putting together a Christmas Cross Community Flight offering the chance for communities to interact with those they otherwise might not. Saturday the 17th of December at 20:00z Full details can be found on a quick webpage I've written (excuse the typos) and I'm hoping that I can bring together as many as us aviation geeks as possible for a bit of fun. http://roo.servebeer.com/cccgf.html The event will consist of a large group flight in Lapland before ATC start to open up a few towers around the Lapland area. The new JOINFS client will be needed in order to accommodate FSX and P3D users in the same session (sorry FS9 and Xplane pilots but maybe next year). I'm trying to spread the word amongst communities I don't normally speak to, so would appreciate you making yours aware. If you are not a member of a particular group you are of course also welcome. Hope to see a few on the day, Roo
  4. Place it anywhere (I have it on my desktop for easy access). It doesn't install in anyway. To run it, just double click it and then minimise it. Should help those looking to control until Peter implements similar into his program.
  5. I have tested the default FSX radar and joinfs vigorously over the last week or so. I'm assuming the radar addons that work with JoinFS are using FSUIPC? I've come across this problem in the past getting Simconnect radar/tcas systems working with addon networks, so I wrote a small program mentioned above. I use the modified gps500/295 too and can confirm the traffic from JoinFS will show on them and the default FSX radar using the program. I haven't gotten around to sending Peter the code he needs yet and it sounds like he is very busy anyway, but Im more than happy to share the program if that's what people were looking for? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8q-ueQpbIY1NjJxUlR5d081dHM/view?usp=sharing
  6. I've sent you a PM Peter. I notice there are users from lots of different communities here. So if a large test is needed could we not specify an IP, Time and Airport in which we could all get together as FS enthusiasts and push this to its limits to find any potential issues?
  7. I've just had time to test this with around 7 other players. We were all using a mixture of simulators (STEAM, BOXED, P3D) and all seemed to work very well with no lag issues detected. Very nice program. The default tower did not show any aircraft on radar. I have a program that I created to solve this problem using an FSD network. I ran this program and all the traffic then showed on the radar. If you would like the code to implement into your program let me know as it would then allow for us ATC to control aircraft using this software and the default FSX radar. It's a small amount of code around 2 lines that uses Simconnect. Let me know, Roo atcroo@gmail.com www.msflights.net
  8. Sounds good. My last question then.. Are all aircraft able to be shown on the default FSX radar and if so is all info included like squawks etc? Id like to test this if you have a beta version and need testers.
  9. I also agree this looks interesting. At the moment our group uses an FSD setup similar to VATSIM and IVAO for multiplatform flying. Would this new way have voice or weather capabilities? And would everybody see the same weather?
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