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  1. Yup done that - not happening. Have raise a ticket. thanks, Kunal
  2. Still no joy .. fresh 777 and 747 install but no 747 product module in the OC folder. 777 product module shows up just fine. Kunal
  3. yup did all that but somereason the OC is also not updating, both via the updater exe and from the settings. I have uninstalled all PMDG products and deleted the OC folder and now installing the QOTS2 again as we speak. Lets see
  4. That is correct .. 747 is not listed in the OC and also no 747 module in the PMDG OC folder. Furthermore, have done uninstall/install twice.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. On the OC there is no 747 option whatsoever and yes the QOTS folder is there in FSX SE folder and yes the PMDG house liveries along with all the variants are there when I fire up FSX. Kunal
  6. Hi, Just purchased the 747 QOTSII. Problems as follows: 1. No PMDG 747 in the start menu. 2. No PMDG 747 in the Operations Center, no 747 modules in the PMDG folder. 3. Can see stock liveries in FSX SE 4. Cannot download liveries since no option in OC. Thanks, Kunal Vyas
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