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  1. OK, Here is what i tried and tested a couple of times, and it seem`s to work so far. I always`s ran AS2012, and imported the flight plan from PFPX. I had already set up a flight in PFPX, and released the OFP to go ahead and fly the route. I had PFPX obtaining the weather info from AS2012, instead of online, as AS2012 was also online. I tried a flight with theT7-300, and as soon as i loaded the Perf Init, FSX CTD. I then closed AS2012, and reset PFPX to obtain weather directly online, under settings. I restarted FSX, without AS2012, and only PFPX. Started the same flight, and everything loaded normally, meaning, flight plan, Perf Init, route winds, and des forecast. I hope this might help somebody, as it seems to have worked for the 4 times that I have tried it. I only had a problem while i was still setting up the aircraft, and have not had a CTD while flying yet. BTW, after setup, i then started up AS2012, to provide the weather. Allan. :mellow:
  2. Also installed SP1, bought 300ER. I normally set cockpit to cold and dark, and start from scratch. Everything works fine, i request route, and load it. I then get prompted for the Perf Init, which i then accept, and CTD. End of flight, start over. This is a huge problem, because, i then need to restart : Aivlasoft, Active Sky, PFPX, and FSX. I gave up after 4 attempts to fly the 777 this morning. Maybe someone can find a solution. Allan.
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