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  1. Hi, FormSF3, Thank you for your reply! Since there is no regulation, I guess that it depends on airliners or pilots. I live in China. Recently the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) is trying to reduce APU usage to cut down fuel consumption and green gas emission. I've just read some information and I am a bit curious about that. Again, thank you so much! Hi Avi8tor1, thank you for your reply. As you say, scenario B seems not to be a common one, or at least not a common scenario for jet planes. But one thing is clear - procedure A is using by many airliners. Thank you for your information!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question about the standard operation procedure when commercial airplanes docking at the gate in real world. I know that when 400Hz power and PCA are available, pilots are usually required to use them rather than APU. But I have seen two different procedures: a. Start APU while Taxiing ---> Taxi to the gate ---> Switch to APU electricity ---> Turn off engines --> Connect bridge power and PCA --> Switch to bridge power and PCA --> Shutdown APU b. Taxi to the Gate ---> Shut down one engine (usually the left one) --> Connect bridge power and PCA --> Switch to bridge power and PCA --> Shut down main engine. I don't know which procedure is right or more proper. Is there any regulation (by ICAO, FAA, CAA, etc) on this procedure ? Thanks!
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