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  1. Flightrider

    Mindstar GNS

    Good luck on getting THAT to happen. The attitude is pretty much if you can make it work, well that's ok; but MS doesn't really care. If NOT, don't let the door hit you on the way out. That was pretty much the attitude when I tried to get some assistance getting it to work with the A36. If you call the company, you get some reasonably good people who seem genunine and are willing to help.. at least to a point. Otherwise, read some of the other post and draw your own conclusions.
  2. "I could do everything you want... in about a minute... yet you would learn nothing and understand nothing. What's the point of that?." The POINT is you provided a normal and customary service to the people you sold your software to so they could get it running on a platform you advertised it to work on. What novel idea...
  3. You know Ed, I think it's absurd that people have to go through this kind of effort to install software they've paid your company for. Your company advertises that the GNS530 it's compatible with p3d. Well, why don't you guys provide a readily available and easily downloadable file to INSTALL it already? Or better yet, how 'bout including it in the install exe you provide? To best that I can determine, you guys don't provide a down loadable file set for ONE currently available aircraft that comes with the current p3d v3 ? The C172 is not in p3d. The A36 and others are. I'm not sure why that expectation would be too unusual... You've watched this dance now for two weeks. One your techs could probably get on the phone with me for 10 minutes and solve this whole situation. OR, you could provide a workable aircraft.cfg and associated panel.cfg file -- which I have asked you for. That has yet to happen. I'm not talking about Emuteq' -- that's whole other issue. I'm talking about getting your GNS530 to work p3d -- as is advertised. I'm not understanding why that is an unreasonable request. Dave C
  4. Flightrider

    How to move Minstar to separate window

    Thanks... that worked. Now to get the gns530 to fill the screen of the window. I've tried changing the gauge00= parameters about 20 times; but nothing seems to change it. Here is a picture of what I'm getting... So move the gauge UP right? I've changed the Y position, window size, etc... no dice. The config file is the same as above... but no matter what I do, the MS is in the same postion... You know, it would be REALLY nice if MINDSTAR themselves would provide a workable panel.cfg file with their software so people wouldn't spend HOURS trying to get their GPS, that I paid for to install into ANY airplane in P3D without all this effort and frustration, but that doesn't seem to be the case. If it's on their web sight, then I'd like someone to point it out. They pretty much leave you to figure it out yourself. Any help is appreciated...
  5. After reading everything on your site about three times, I finally got the GNS 530 to show up in a popup window. However, that popup is within the P3D window. I'd like to put the GNS530 on a different monitor, within a separate window. How can I do that? Attached is part of the panel config that I'm currently successfully to get the GNS530 to show up in a popup. Still some work to do on sizing and position, but at least it can be done. How to get this into a separate window that I can drag to separate monitor? Dave
  6. I have finally successfully installed Mindstar gns530 into P3d. Right now, it's in a Window01, which is a separate popup window within P3D. I would like to move this to a separate monitor. However, it only stays in the P3D window. How can I accomplish this? Attached is the section of the panel.cfg I'm currently using. //------TOGGLE PANEL-------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=300,400 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=1 visible=1 ident=793 window_size= 0.05, 0.05 window_pos= 0.520, 0.020 zorder=5 //gauge00=A36Manual!manual, 0,0,700,700 gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS530, 0,200, 400, 600, 1:1:225
  7. Fabian, I'm one of the one's who have purchased MIndstar and I have an Emuteq'. Would you be so kind to post your procedure to help some of us out with the same issue? Thanks, Dave Colston <email removed!>
  8. Ed, That's because I removed what I installed and reverted back to the original panel.cfg. The instructions contained on your website don't appear to be correct. What I'd like and what I think is a fair request from Mindstar is a step by procedure to install the Mindstar 530 in P3D. P3D doesn't have a C172, at least in the package I purchased; so it seems alot of the instructions contained on the websight need to be updated. Mindstar advertizes that their unit works with P3D. All I'm looking for is instructions on HOW to make that happen. I'd prefer to use the A36 that's in p3d. Could you provide me with instructions to do that if it is possible? Thanking you advance. Dave Colston
  9. Ed, Here is the panel.cfg for the Carenado A36 in P3D. Appreciate your help... //********************************************************* // CARENADO BONANZA A36 P3D // Copyright © Carenado 2013 - All Rights Reserved //********************************************************* [Window Titles] Window00=GPS Window01=Toggle_Manual Window02=Toggle_Control Window03=INFO //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] Background_color=49,49,49 size_mm=500,520 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=794 window_size= 0.320, 0.444 window_pos= 0.020, 0.505 zorder=0 gauge00=CarenadoG430_3D_A36!GNS430_nc1, 2,0,500,266 gauge01=CarenadoG430_3D_A36!GNS430_nc2, 3,252,500,266 gauge02=BA36!Toggle_GPS, 115,38,274,164 gauge03=BA36!Toggle_GPS, 114,291,278,164 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=700,700 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=793 window_size= 0.421, 0.681 window_pos= 0.520, 0.020 zorder=5 gauge00=A36Manual!manual, 0,0,700,700 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=380,174 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=796 window_size= 0.201, 0.123 window_pos= 0.020, 0.160 zorder=5 gauge00=BA36!Control_windows, 0,0,380,174 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] file=info.bmp size_mm=419,181 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=1 ident=142 window_size= 0.200, 0.115 window_pos= 0.020, 0.040 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_bon_2 gauge00=BA36!RPM_Digital, 231,145,213,99 gauge01=BA36!Annunciator_Panel, 2,2,508,25 gauge02=BA36!Panel_annunciator, 0,145,230,86 gauge03=RadioA36!RadioAudio, 0,57,451,87 gauge04=APBK_A36!Autopilot, 0,377,512,134 gauge05=RadioA36!RadioAdf, 0,246,512,104 gauge06=BA36!annunciator_test, 478,77,30,30 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_bon_4_N gauge00=CarenadoG430_3D_A36!GNS430_nc1, 172,68,337,179 gauge01=CarenadoG430_3D_A36!GNS430_nc2, 172,248,337,179 gauge02=BA36!gem, 8,354,154,154 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_bon_2_A gauge00=BA36!Annunciator_Panel_OFF, 2,29,508,25 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_bon_4_A gauge00=DIGTTRANS_A36!transponder, 170,428,340,83 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_bon_5 gauge00=BA36!Clock, 6,37,496,434 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit06] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_bon_4_O gauge00=BA36!Auto_taxi_onoff, 3,170,30,24 gauge01=BA36!Alt_Load, 172,2,167,65 gauge02=BA36!Bus_Volts, 342,2,167,65 gauge03=BA36!Trim, 114,226,54,124 gauge04=BA36!Toggle_Gps, 247,92,189,112 gauge05=BA36!Flap_lights, 87,266,23,81 [Color] Day=255,255,255 Night=1,31,28 Luminous=255,255,255 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8191 SIZE_Y=6143
  10. I recently purchased the Mindstar 530... downloaded and installed; activated, etc. Would like to utilize a Emuteq interface. But, first, just to get the MS530 to show up.... Trying to use the Carenado A36 and have tried modifying the panel.cfg file with no success. Could someone possibly assist? Specifically, I tried copying the MS gauge.zip file into the gauges folder. It doesn't appear that the guages are being found... Dave C.
  11. I installed the Elite Hardware IF today AND purchased a license but am having major issues getting it to work with my Elite Pro Panel SE and AP3000. Running Windows 10. Attempting to run a Elite Pro Panel SE, Elite rudder pedals, & Elite AP3000 avionics panel. I first installed the Elite hardware drivers. I have Elite BATD FlightSim v8.6. All three hardware components work fine with the Elite flight simulator. When I bring up SimPlugin's Elite Hardware IF, all three hardware components show correctly in the status window. When I go CALIBRATE, the rudder pedals and toe brakes work. HOWEVER, the Pro Panel SE yoke, throttle quadrants, mixture and prop levers have no effect. The AP3000 doesn't seem to be recognized either. Second issue... When I start Xplane 10 and go to "equipment", I see a dialogue box that lists Elite hardware, but I see no where to calibrate the Elite controls; no controls responses either. SimPlugin installed in smame directory as Xplane 10. Any help would be appreciated. Dave