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  1. Happy new year and good flights! From Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Air China usually fly with B747-8 for route to KJFK, KSFO and EDDF.
  3. Mozart, SBGL don't have more RWY 14. No more. Now SBGL is RWY 10-28 and 15-33.
  4. Wonderful Steve! Congratulations for the job.
  5. Here i didn't have problem with brakes. I used autobrake 2 and 3 and nothing happened.
  6. OMG! Guys you are the best! All works is wonderful!
  7. The same flights and include Hong-Kong and Narita, because Lufthansa flew with B748.
  8. Great screenshots! Thanks for share and waiting anxious for release. have a nice day.
  9. Carl, Thanks so much for help and like your screens and posts about PMDG 747-8. Thanks for share and please post more screens and information about PMDG 747-8. Have a nice weekend.
  10. I understood Dan. I asked, because saw B748 flying a M.88 and check Flight plan by Lufthansa once time and they can fly with CI 200 or 350 depends situation. Thanks Dan for answer.
  11. Cavaricooper, Do you know MMO about B747-8? Did you test about this? Because i know the MMO for B747-400 is Mach.90, but i don't know MMO for B747-8. It's the same speed? Best Regards.
  12. Wonderful Lufthansa paint and waiting anxious for fly with 748! Nice screenshots! Congrats!
  13. I think you need to create different password with some kind characters for example: numerals and letters. I had the same problem and solved only this way. Hope this helps.
  14. Wonderful! I really anxious for fly with Lufthansa! I will fly many routes by Lufthansa!
  15. Wow! Wondeful! I really anxious for release and fly. Beautiful! Congrats for screen's and thanks for share!
  16. OMG! This is wonderful!!! Please release!! hahahaha! Fabiano Souza.
  17. Great photos! Congrats! Fabiano Souza.
  18. She is beautiful! Great photos guys! Please send more for us! Best Regards Fabiano Souza
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