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  1. hello all, thanks for the input I found solution to work with. All is working fine now regards john van berkel
  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your response, I understands that the PMDG is a program on its own, but i need actualy only the flightmodel and not the panel because I have my own B777-200 Cockpit build by hand as you find below . I did some research the aircraft.cfg of the 777 and did not fine a solution for it I hope this wil work in P3D4 as it did before with FSX and other aircrafts. . enjoy the holiday's greetz John van Berkel
  3. Hello I was wondering if anybody is using PMDG 777 with Project magenta and get it to work? Now after takeoff the PMDG starts to take over the control from Projectmagenta and get confused. how can I set things correctly so that I can use Projectmagenta with PMDG 777? cheers john van Berkel
  4. Hi I am a new user of the PMDG Software and have a big problem after a landing the airplane wont move anymore to taxi to the gate, I have released everything like autobreaks, breaks the groundchokes are gone I do not understands the problem regards john
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