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  1. Hi all, I love the Pan Am 748i livery and I was wondering if a talented painter might be interested in doing a Pan Am livery for the 744? I would do it myself if I had the talent. Sadly, I'm not much of an artist. I very much appreciate the time and skill it takes to do a repaint. Thank you in advance to the brave soul who takes on this project.
  2. That's very cute John... and extremely childish. Btw-it's available. Not avaiable. If you're going to be snarky... at least be correct.
  3. The PMDG 748i desperately needs a good (either 1970's and/or 1980's billboard) repaint. There are a few hideous files floating around... but nothing actually worth downloading. I'm really hoping someone with some repaint experience is good enough to help out. Regards, Chris I.
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