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  1. Getting api.dll crashes in P3Dv3.4 also when attempting to enter waypoints into the FPL page of the 430. This is using latest Herve Sors' Nav data (cycle 1611), and latest Realnav data for the GNS (cycle 1610). FSUPIC 4957b, and the 430 is installed in the A2A C172. Not using any other flight planning or ATC software, though Activesky Next is active and may have hooks into similar memory regions. So far I get crashes both typing and spinning the mouse wheel to enter waypoints. Crash happens as soon as I hit enter on the first waypoint (which is found) - GNS exits back to the primary FPL page, and P3D freezes, eventually returning an appcrash in api.dll. Let me know if there are any specific test cases you'd like me to run through etc.
  2. Hey Ed, could you confirm which simconnect version the hypergauge.dll is calling in P3Dv2/3? Ran into a problem with bglmanx.dll crashes (FSDT addon manager .dll) when loading aircraft with the GNS 530/430 installed. Turns out if I move the hypergauge.dll call AFTER the bglmanx.dll in dll.exe everything works hunky dory. FSDT seems to think (see this thread), it's a simconnect version conflict of some sort. They're calling the FSX SP2 Simconnect which apparently contains some functions (Simconnect_text() in particular) that aren't in the FSX RTM version. Thinking is that if an older version of simconnect is called first, the FSX SP2 version can't load for some reason (possible Windows side by side issue), and it causes the dll crash for any dlls calling the version specific functions. No big deal as I got the issue fixed, just curious. Thanks! Perk
  3. Don't mean to jostle your elbow, but is there any update on v3 compatibility?
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