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  1. I was curious, so I did a few calculations about this flight. All values are approximate: Flight time was about 18 hours. 787 burns 2.5 tons of fuel/hour, so a total of 45 tons of fuel consumed. Jet fuel weighs 6.84lbs/gal at 60F, so that's 13,158 gallons of fuel. At a current price in the US of $1.588/gal, the fuel cost is $20,894. CO2 emissions from jet fuel are 21.5lbs/gal fuel which is 141.4 tons of CO2 emissions. That's enough math for today.
  2. Recently bought the 737 for P3D v4 and I'm really enjoying it, but running into one odd issue: when loading a saved flight, the rudder trim is pushed hard right. I do not have autorudder on and my controls are calibrated and working fine. It's seems to only happen when loading a saved flight. I saw a couple earlier threads about this, but haven't seen a solution, so I thought I would see if anyone has a way to prevent this happening. Thanks! -- Sean Crystal
  3. Thanks! I never know what sort of aircraft I'll be in the mood to fly, so I just prepare for all occasions.
  4. I've had this problem before when the directory for the flight plans contains files that aren't .gfp files. Deleting them fixed the problem for me.
  5. I'm also getting this behavior. Runs fine until I click on the left-hand menu and then it crashes. I think the relevant line from the log is: Unable to run cam_motion_proc: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  6. Prepar3d 3.4 OrbX OpenLC NA AS16 + Rex Soft Clouds Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 Flysimware Mitsubishi Mu-2B-60
  7. Note to self: do more flights at sunset. Awesome shots, man.
  8. Man, that bird looks nice in the sunlight. Great shots.
  9. Prepar3d v3.4, OrbX PNW, AS16 + Soft Clouds, Flight Replicas Super Cub Bonus Alabeo Waco YMF-5
  10. So after giving this mod another try, it seems to break the autopilot ALT-SEL and VS modes. I really want to like this aircraft, but the FPS drop from the G1000 MFD is just too much. I asked Carenado support about it, and they just told me my settings were too high. Anybody have any ideas on a fix for the autopilot w/ the GTN750? Or the G1000 for that matter? Thanks!
  11. I've been looking around for a piece of hardware to fill out my basic desktop cockpit, mainly for flaps, gear, and trim, and came across this little device which seems to fit the bill and then some. None of the sellers indicate that it is compatible with P3D, so I'm wondering if anyone actually has this working, perhaps through the magic of FSUIPC? Or if you have any other hardware suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks!
  12. This seems to work pretty well. And no ridiculous FPS hit like the built in MFD. http://library.flight1.net/?did=1835 Cheers
  13. I recently bought the Shrike, and it is a fun and easy aircraft to fly... during the day. But my biggest complaint with it is the cabin lighting, which to me, looks terrible and is not really good enough to fly the aircraft at night. There is just not enough ambient light in the cabin. Many switches and controls (e.g. cowl flaps) remain completely in darkness with the cabin lights on. I've seen other Carenado and Alabeo aircraft with much better cabin lighting, so I'm a bit disappointed with what seems like a slap-dash effort here. Also, why does clicking the captain's spotlight turn on the lights for the entire cabin, including passengers? And the panel lighting brightness knob, which has settings for 25, 50, 75, 100 seems to have no effect for me. Is there a way to fix this by altering the textures or config files for the aircraft? Does having HDR turned on make the lighting look worse than intended? Thanks!
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