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  1. It would be great if you could elaborate on what doesn't work, or how it runs "worse" than v3. Saying "going back to v3 because it runs better" doesn't give us information to try give you suggestions on what to do.
  2. That did it! I was changing the releaseMode key back to release, but not the other ones. Thanks so much!
  3. I can't get ChasePlane to stop updating to the experimental version. I uninstalled, removed settings from the registry (it kept setting the releaseMode key to beta), reinstalled, still updates to experimental. Experimental version launches, then freezes, then eventually get to the configure screen (about 5 minutes later) then freezes again. How do I get it to stop updating to experimental?? Thanks, Cody This is what it does https://puu.sh/tNde1/6a170e7c82.png
  4. Renaming the views.xml worked for me, thank you! I guess I should read the pinned posts more often =/
  5. Yeah it's on their forums, they are working on a fix, hopefully it will be out soon..
  6. I just rebuilt my sim and it still happens. I can't imagine it's my setup if LM has already acknowledged it's a bug... I will check logs, but there is nothing that correlates to when it freezes.
  7. Same exact thing happens to me, it keeps "not responding" for no good reason.
  8. Hello! I am having an issue with ChasePlane where no matter what external view I go to, it goes to default Fly By view. I have to go back to on-board view, then it works (sometimes, most of the time it doesn't). I have deleted ALL view keyboard bindings, and double checked FSUIPC key bindings. It also happens when selecting the external view from the ChasePlane UI. Any advice? I just reinstalled my sim, so I might be missing something. This is with the Aerosoft Airbus, view system disabled. Have not tested on another aircraft yet. Edit: I think it's important to note, no issues with on-board cameras at all Thanks!
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