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  1. I have PMDG 747-400 working with FSX. I Installed now FSX-SE. but it does not intall. What should I do?
  2. Hi may name is MANUEL. I build a 747 cabin. I have WIN 7,FSX/Acceleration,PMDG747-400, 6 monitors, throtttler,radios etc. I do not how to put the PFD and ND instruments in one monitor since they do not exist in the manue of instruments of FSX like it does in the 737. Is any one can help me with this problem? thanks
  3. Hi, I'm Manuel. I build a B747 cockpit based onPMDG747-400. I had a problem to install the class cockpit (PFD & ND ),because under instrument menue do not exist.I know the 737 has it. I there a way not to complicated for me to installe it in the monitor and if does exit can any one help me with that? Thanks.
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