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  1. no, I'm not using Shadertools... even I don't know what they are!
  2. yes, 3072mb ddr5 ok. will try with that. any other suggestion? thanks in advance
  3. FxAA on AA 2sSSAA Anisotropic 2x Medium texture resol Full screen Nvidia gtx 1060 3GB Vsync off Terrain radius ultra tessellation high mesh 10m texture 60cm HDR enable bright 0.60 Bloom 0.77 Sat 0.55 Refections medium I have a Intel I7 7700HQ, RAM 8gb, Win 10
  4. hi, I have this problem, flying a high altitude route in the middle east I can see the ground in the middle of the night. I have P3d V4.3, Envtex and Enshade, orbx global. Y search everywhere but I did not find a solution. anyone can help me? this is how it's looks https://drive.google.com/open?id=13T0MsOuqVIP42KRVf9yWynExadEttkGk
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