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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure if dementia or old age is the problem! Del
  2. Good evening: I've just installed Aerosoft's A318/319 for FSX SE. I also installed the FS2Crew Locked product bundled with it. When I use Aerosoft's configurator and try to set up FS2Crew I get the message: 'FS2Crew Voice Control does not appear to be installed for the Airbus X A320/321.' I did purchase and install this aircraft through Steam and uninstalled it via that platform before installing the A318/319. When I first saw this message I then found a folder for the A320/321in my FSX SE menu in the DLC folder. I deleted that then uninstalled the Aerosoft product and the FS2Crew. Finally after re-installing both products I then re-started the PC with the same results unfortunately! My PC is on Windows 10 (the latest update). Any help would really be appreciated. Many Thanks Del
  3. Thanks - but my age is showing!
  4. I managed to sneak an hour or so in and it works perfectly! Thanks again. Del
  5. Thanks very much. That's a lot of work you've put in. We've got the grandchildren staying for the weekend and as soon as they've 'hopped it' I'll give it a try. Del
  6. Hi, the panels for the various models are aliased to a QW Avro Common panel folder. eg there's a Panel RJ: (there's a further 5 panel folders all very similar)
  7. Thanks for the advice but it didn't work. I still can't alter the Coniguration Panel by altering the file from another aircraft. It doesn't matter too much because the pop-up works well enough anyway. It's just how do I know if it's up to date or not for example. Also, if I wanted to use TAWSA or B? Dels
  8. I'm not sure if this has a bearing on the problem but if I delve into my main FSX folder, then into Sim Objects/Aircraft, and then into the various QW BAe 146 folders nowhere is there a Reality.GTN configuration file. Del
  9. Good afternoon, I've uninstalled and re-installed the QW Add-on. Now the contents of the log file are this: 19/05/31 14:13:23.997 06384 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 19/05/31 14:13:23.996 06384 INFO ] 19/05/31 14:13:54.319 06384 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings 19/05/31 14:14:02.161 06384 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings 19/05/31 14:14:09.330 06384 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings 19/05/31 14:14:10.104 06384 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings 19/05/31 14:14:15.880 06384 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings 19/05/31 14:14:16.677 06384 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings The GTN750 works fine in a pop-up window but I still can't open up the Configuration Panel. I've tried various combinations of Shift/Ctrl right-clicking with no success. Del
  10. No, nothing like that I'm afraid. I've tried it in another add-on of Quality Wings and I can access the panel fine. Del
  11. Is there any other way of accessing the Configuration Panel apart from using Shift and the mouse? Del
  12. In the Documents Folder there's a rxpGTN.gau file with a number of these entries: 19/05/20 14:32:20.726 08820 ERROR] can't open GTN_750_1 settings Del
  13. Yes, just the QW BAE146. I can access the Configuration Panel in the other aircraft. It is on a popup window. I used the Reality-XP add-on menu to install it. I've checked the panel.cfg file and can see no other gauge in it. Del
  14. I'm sorry for the confusion. I mean the Configuration Panel accessed by Shift and Right Click. I can access this panel with other add-on A/C with your GPS installed. Using the right click on a non-active area works. Thanks Del
  15. Thanks for the reply. I've tried using both Shift and both Ctrl keys with no success (the menu works fine on other aircraft). Del
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