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  1. Good day, I know it is a old airport, but i had the 2 jetways one on the other with AES, i succeded to remouve one by deleting jetway in scenery folder. but i still have floating jetway signs... how do I remove them ? I had the solution in the past but I cannot remember now thanks for your help :)
  2. good evening, I know the wilco A380 is very poor quality, but anyway I have a huge problem!! the A380 is banking left and right around the route 3 degrees each time but it is very annoying. the speed is good, the FD is on, it is very strange... anyone know why, or think to know why ? thanks for your help !!
  3. Okay thanks everybody, I will stay anyway on FSX for now, but for the future, why not trying P3D. thanks dave i will try that and any other ideas ? because I have never seen that problem on forums.... so I am openmind to any ideas
  4. Okay I see, and what would you suggest me to do than ?
  5. Okay I see, and what would you suggest me to do than ?
  6. Good morning, my problem is very strange and nowhere i found a kind of solution, i am going to explain you very clearly what's happen, while flying long haul, after about 4 hours of flight with the PMDG 777 ( the 5 times it happened it was with this aircraft ), the sim freezes for 1 minute then go again for 5 sec then freezes again for 1 min then go again for 5 sec, ... ect a strange thing is it doesn't move a lot when it is freezing, but the fuel continues to drop at the normal rate... it is so strange i have never seen that before.... and this is doing that for each flights now... and I have to restart the sim I tried to reinstall windows at a date it wasn't doing that ( a week ago) but it continues, so I don't know... please help me, i am so sad not being able to fly ... thanks a lot Yann
  7. good evening guys, I have a problem with my T2G LFPG, taxiway markings are about 10 m high and taxiway lights sometimes are here and someimes they are not... anyone already had this problem ? regards yann there is a screenshoot of the marking https://www.dropbox.com/s/15ncudqrbcsir8c/PROBLEM FSX.jpg?dl=0
  8. okay thanks, I will test all those things and i come back to tell you if everything is allright soon
  9. Ok that’s noted so you think the best thing is to keep my computer like that ? and if I untick on the scenery library all the scenerys I don’t use, and I tick the ones I use will that help ? And for the FSX.CFG, I just noted as well that there were many times the same thing, I can delete the things that are multiplied ? thanks
  10. Thanks a lot everyone i will change all that in the Fsx.cfg if I have to change my CPU, what should I take ? Intel core I7 ? is it easy to change ? And is it easy to install without changing a lot of settings on the computer ? thanks a lot yann
  11. Good morning everyone, My FSX often does the same thing, the departure and climb is normal with good FPS ( 10-20 ) then while I am flying the terrain gets more and more blurry and FPS remain the same but I can see evident signs of hashes, and when I start decent, I start having regular background sounds telling the memory you know, FPS are still good but the rest is very annoying, then when I approach airport I often have either the FSX didnt respond message CDT or the FSX run out of memory message, but now I save my flights before approach... that is very annoying and if anyone had very good ways to get rid of this blurry terrain and CDT 2 messages at the end ( memory and normal message) I am very happy to follow his instruction, as I will put my PC config and My FSX.CFG Thanks a lot to everyone who will help me :) Regards Yann FSX addons : Active sky Next - FFTF Dynamic FSX - FSX booster Live 2018 - many airports - no terrains addons - REX - GSX - AES - SODE - Couatl ( for FSDT things) PC Config : Windows 7 edition Familial Premium V6.1 SP1 AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 820 Procssor, 2800 Mhz, 4 Coeur(s), 4 Processeurs Memoire physique RAM installée 8,00 Gb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 My FSX.CFG : https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3ukz46xhf7v9kz/fsx.cfg?dl=0
  12. I tried with ADE but I couldn’t because it is not showing jetway, as they are included in obj file ... i don’t know how to edit this file and remove jetway from there
  13. Good evening, I am currently puting GSX V2 in a lot of airports, but in some of them i cannot locate the jetway bgl or equivalent, how can i edit the bgl to find and remove the static jetway ( exemple : auscene adelaide, ymml orbx, ... ) exemple of scenery files where i cannot remove static jetway : https://www.cjoint.com/c/HKzuA2ftYA8 https://www.cjoint.com/c/HKzuB4HyT58 I alredy tried model converter X but it is very difficult.... so if yu have an easy way to remove them i am happy to hear it thanks for your answers
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