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  1. Side question, what AI addon are you using?? That indeed is a geometric nightmare! Epic
  2. Having continued work on GulfAir, I found I do need more practice. I will continue on it, but this will take quite some time. I hope it is okay. If anyone here wants it fast, just tell here, maybe Dan can finish it.
  3. All kinds of moments, mid-flight, when choosing aircraft, when using the menus.. Did do a full reinstall yesterday, I think that has worked but did not have much time to check
  4. I will finish it, have more time this weekend so I can fix my problems. If anyone knows a fix to FSX saying: a fatal error occured. It would be useful and saves me time so I can continue earlier Thank you B)
  5. Sadly, I won't be able to continue on Gulf Air for a while. This because of multiple problems: - FSX problem, had to reinstall twice already, still some problems - Too busy with school, which also makes me not have time to fix the first problem I hope you guys don't mind. Once everything is fixed I will continue
  6. I have almost no time at all to make progress. I am 75% now. No problem asking! :smile:
  7. I am around 70% now! I will get less time to work on it due to school. I am stuck at 1 of the Doors though
  8. This is the first repaint but many more will follow
  9. Progress on Gulf Air so far (Yes, I am testing it on Qatar XD)
  10. I'm sorry everyone who wanted Singapore, its too difficult (for now) I will now get to work on GulfAir, and after that FlyDubai
  11. It looks not so difficult so I will do Gulf air after I finished Singapore
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