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  1. Hello, was this question posted again elsewhere or better yet, was there an answer to this issue? I have the same issue with all of my helicopters on P3DV4 when running the F1 GTN 640/750. Fixed wings works great but any helicopter crashes after some time in flight. Seems there is something about helicopter flight information the F1 GTN does not like. It does not matter the helicopter developer model, after the flight starts (sometimes 5 mins, sometimes 10 min, etc....) P3DV4 just freezes and then crashes. it only happens when the F1 GTN is up and running.
  2. I went ahead and purchased another system and it worked perfectly right out of the box with my anti virus on.
  3. Well, I reinstalled the system, made sure my virus protection was not blocking and even turned my virus protection completely off. Still the the same issue. I restored my aircraft and reconfigured them again. Same issue. guess I’ll be looking for another GPS for my simulator. I’m not going to fight a piece of software, have to turn my virus protection off, or go it alone. There is clearly not much support from Reality XP. such a shame! The system was working so well. Dan
  4. If by chance defender flagged the executable and then deleted it would this cause the problem? Where is the executable file stored?
  5. I really hate to ask this question but should I try an uninstall / reinstall the software?
  6. Checked my Windows Defender and nothing was flagged. I ran a quick scan with no negative results. I started up the Sim and tried to spawn the RXP GNS to see if there was a run-time flag, nothing has flagged. Since the same issue. I guess I could try and start a FSX recording and upload that if it helps. I did notice that the image/picture in the RXP window is pops up is the FXS startup image. I also flagged the RealityXP directory to exclude it as well.
  7. I’ve checked all of the config files for previous aircraft that were working and every thing appears correct. The previous configurations were on many different vendors and aircraft types. the system was working perfectly except that I need to update the database with more recent GPS points. all other pop-ups from the Views\instruments pull down work as expected. I’ve checked these on several different aircraft. I’ve undocked the main FSX window to see if the GNS was behind the main panel\ window and it was not. i uninstalled the Alabeo C207 as well, rebooted the computer and still have the same issue. on aircraft that were working correctly I used the add-on config option to restore the original configuration than re-configured for the pop-up GPS display. what happens is this, I click on views\instrument\Reality GNS and a window pops-up in the top left hand of the screen just like it should. Then it immediately disappears. If I go back to the vews\instruments pull down the XPS line is checked showing it’s active but no display. at a loss here on where to look next. will review the log files this evening to see if that points me in the right direction.
  8. My RXP has been working without an issue for 6 months now on every aircraft I configured it for (add-on menu). I recently installed the Alabeo C207 and configured this plane for the pop-up GNS 530, the configuration appeared to work as expected. now when I attempt to pull up the RXP system from the views menu it pops-up as normal but immediately disappears. It is happening on all my aircraft now that were previously configured which were working as expected.
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