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  1. I think Asobo won't do that for one simple reason. A new product must have advantages over an old one to be bought.
  2. Prepar3d v4.5HF This code: [LIGHTING_TERRAIN_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=(clamp((1-cb_Altitude/12000), 0.2, 1)) This result: ORBX LOWI: New Tivat: Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Hello, Matt. I find a bug in 2.66 Haze effect applied ONLY with Raley scattering effect. If i want apply haze effect only, i see in log: ERROR applying tweak [Haze effect] Problem with patch #1 - Patched block not found
  4. Kevеn! Why should I after every running CP restore cameras configuration? I'm tired of it already. This product is still too crude to use it constantly. So I do not even ask, but demand to make a choice, install CP or not. Thanx.
  5. Speed of changing views in outside mode is big. If reduce the speed on a single slider, the speed in VC will be very small. Need a second slider, especially for outside views.
  6. CP not unload from processes when exit from tray. When press close window icon - all ok Need disable CP in SimDirector mode!!! Can not work properly middle mouse button.
  7. Sorry for my bad english Now all views deleting and they need to be re-created. Why, if there is a ready-made. E.g. Aerosoft PBY Catalina It has a lot of devices located throughout the cabin. Create new species is not a good idea. Thank you.
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