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  1. The problem is that you want to make a landing of -100vs which is not recommended in the 737/777, for making a very soft landing the speedbreak may not trigger ... in the case of PMDG it understands that if you hold the "pitch" you're "gliding" stop trying to make landings -100vs and make + 100vs without safe "pitch" too long .. that was enough for me, so settle, rather a safe landing than a soft landing Tiago Cezario.
  2. Then there must be some incompatibility with your sound card, I had this problems because my computer came with an "additional" DELL AUDIO, and conflicted, I unplugged the audio dell and it returned normal. Sorry I can not help you better
  3. The following paths on FMC MENU - PMDG SETUP > AIRCRAFT > EQUIPAMENT > PAGE 6 MENU > PMDG SETUP > OPTIONS > SIMULATION > PAGE 4 MENU > PMDG SETUP > OPTIONS > SIMULATION > SOUND > button L4 I hope it helps in something.
  4. Sry, I still do not understand, as I do this archivco.lua, here is always in a text document
  5. Cezario

    Weather radar

    The manual talks, Active sky Next, if I buy Active Sky 2016 will work too?
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