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  1. I found the offending scenery, when I uninstalled the Gaya Simulations Kos scenery my trees have come back. Thank you all for your help I greatly appreciate it. Adam.
  2. Ok, I'll give that a try Bejamin, I'm not the greatest with PCs so I'll try what you suggested. Thanks for the help. Adam
  3. Yea, I tried lots of different things I found on the forum but nothing was working. Even uninstalled and reinstalled orbx global, still didnt help. It definitely seems that its a landclass tile thing, as the trees here and there in Europe that appear are on forest like tiles that are the majority around the US airports that I get trees. So not sure how to fix the fact that it doesnt put trees on majority European tiles, its a strange one.
  4. So I've encountered a strange problem and I'm not sure what has started it. I could swear I used to have trees in among the buildings in my sim when flying in Europe but I don't anymore. I have orbx global installed, no vector. I have verified the files, made sure all orbx stuff is up to date. I have played around with the scenery library and different priority orders but nothing seems to work. Its even more strange because it seems to be fine in North America, but at Belfast, Heathrow, Amsterdam, Paris I have no trees. Whereas at Newark I do. Yet in the European airports I have autogen buildings just no trees, except tiny clusters of them that seem to appear on hills. Anyone else experienced this or know whats up? https://imgur.com/a/NeqGtMJ Imgur link showing the problem Any help is greatly appreciated. Adam.
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