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  1. I fully understand what you mean. I am in IT and have played around with programming myself. Good news is Laminar Research (X-Plane developers) have loads of documentation for developers on the X-Plane system. Either way. Good luck, and hope to see FS2Crew joining the X-Plane market some day. Regards SpeedBirdNam
  2. I realize the DC6 is not a "Heavy Metal Jet", I was just saying that PMDG has started testing the waters with X-Plane, and admitted themselves that X-Plane offers features they were never able to try before with FSX etc. I am trying to give you a compliment for one thing. FS2Crew is a great product, I hope to support you again soon. Seeing as you have already done PMDG and Aerosoft, I might suggested converting the A320 version for X-Plane use with eg. the Flight Factor A320 study sim that will be released any day now, for example. You already have all the dialogue etc. Convert it for XP and test the water. A few friends of mine and myself have started a Virtual Airline quite some time back, and I can tell you that almost everyone I heard of who have tried X-Plane, has not gone back to FSX. And I am not trying to start the X-Plane vs FSX / P3D battle, I was an avid supporter of Microsoft Flight Simulator since 5.1. When my friend (new friend at that time) tried to get me to try X-Plane, I had all the arguments, and defended FSX as if defending my wife's honor. But since I tried XP10 I have not gone back to FSX and upgraded to XP11 as soon as it became available. I am a real life pilot, and nothing beats the Flight Dynamics and terrain mesh amongst others out of the box. (And yes, I did try P3D.) Point I'm trying to make, is X-Plane has grown significantly and has a huge following. And I wish you would consider giving it a try. Regards SpeedBirdNam
  3. Well, the DC6 they brought out is thus far only available in XP10 and 11, so they have started bringing out products for XP. https://precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/XP/dc6.html Kind Regards SpeedBirdNam
  4. Hello my dear old friends. I supported you a lot back in the day during my FSX period, but since I went over to X-Plane about three years ago, FSX has become a part of my distant past. Once in a while I re-install it for a few days, but not because of FSX, but because of my FS2Crew products I miss. Will you ever bring out your awesome products for X-Plane.... PLEEEAAASEE? There are some excellent study sims in X-Plane with more to come. Eg. Existing IXEG 737-300. Upcoming, Flight Factor A320. Other very popular planes are the Jar Design A320, A330 etc. Please guys. Do you plan on supporting X-Plane? Kind Regards SpeedBirdNam
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