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  1. It comes and goes, that's the frustrating part of it for a lot of us. Just when I thought I had it straightened out the windows would start popping up again. For me PMDG just can't handle Window's 10 updates. I finally took it off my PC. My other AC such as my LD 767, iFly 737 and QW 757 continue to be flawless. I had all of PMDG's addons with FS9, including their 747 which IMO were 2nd to none. I started buying adds for FSX and was looking forward to their 747 but it isn't updated at all for Windows 10. Now that their 737 has known issues with Win 10 updates they really should start telling people prior to sale. They state there's nothing they can do about this. Fine, but please, let people know issues exist with Windows 10 forced updates before they buy. Jim
  2. I ran yesterday's update, reinstalled the PMDG 73 on FSX, same ole same ole. I've uninstalled the add on again and will keep using my iFly 737. That and my other AC such as the Level D 76 are not affected. For me this seems to boil down to MS updates and PMDG as it's happening with both FSX and P3D. Some have reported problems with other planes, but once again only the PM 737 has been an issue for me. Hopefully there will be a real fix someday, until then I'm tired of messing with it. Jim Myer
  3. I've been lucky, or it could be that pulled the PMDG 737 off my drive. I flew the plane more than any other which I suppose made it my favorite. I believe PMDG made it work with Windows 10, but it's the forced updates that it has become incompatible with. Just my theory. It was disheartening to read that PMDG said they couldn't do anything about it, including giving your money back. I did uninstall my other AC after deleting the PMDG 73 and reinstalled. Not sure what the difference is, all my other adds remain flawless. In the end it's getting harder to work with FSX, it's 11 years old now, and even Microsoft couldn't care less about it or adjusting their updates. Lastly, I despise their forced updates, you'd think they would give us an option. Thanks for your comment, good luck and please let us know if you find a solution! Jim
  4. I have FSX and am getting the same "Child window" error which causes the sim to crash. I've tried uninstall/reinstall without success. It's rendered the 737NG unusable. I could roll it back but I don't want to do that forever. Odd that it only affects the PMDG, my ifly 737, Level D 767 or any of the stock AC aren't affected. Now that it's a known issue, PMDG should place a warning on this before purchases are made. With the expansion it was 95 bucks out the window and they've said there's nothing they can do about it. Jim M.
  5. You are correct, I'm just getting familiar with the PMDG 737 in FSX. I had the FS9 version but that was sometime ago. Learning the FSX software is very different than FS9 from what I remember. I appreciate your and everyone's tips and comments. I like the flight model will have to put in the time to learn the AC. Thanks again for taking the time to reply! Jim
  6. I think it was about 260 so that probably had an effect. Thanks!
  7. Hey Gang, I've flown this route several times with the PMDG 737 slippery 800 and less slippery 900 and have had the same problem of "descent path unachievable" message. The route is KSAN-KSFO FL320 PDRZ1 IKAYE RIZIN SPLNT SERFR2 RWY 28R. I've had this problem more often than not with other flight plans with the PMDG. The flight is good until about 10,000 in the STAR and I get the message we're too high. Fuel and payload is within range. By the time I get the message there's no way to descend manually that won't make a passenger puke. This is a reasonable flight plan with an established STAR. I understand the 737 FMC is delicate, can I expect this with most flights? Thanks in advance for your help! Jim
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