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  1. Capt Punit

    Strange Flickering Lights Airbus Professional

    Hi, I had recently updated the video card driver to the latest version released in Aug 2018, but it gave me another error in P3D where the video card stopped working. So I had to revert it to the older version which I am using now and I don't get that error anymore I do not use Nvidia Inspector I read somewhere to clear the shaders and I did it. But it didn't solve the problem I have never measured the temperatures, I have been using this system with Ultra high settings for games like GTA 5 and Far Cry 5 and Train Simulator 2018 and i get awesome performance (60+ fps). My system hardly gets heated. Anyways I found the solution for this. It was only 1 corrupted file in Effects/Texture folder which I had it replaced and that strange effect disappeared. Thanks for your help though.
  2. Capt Punit

    Strange Flickering Lights Airbus Professional

    I have Nvidia GTX 960M, 4GB VRAM. with 16GB RAM.
  3. Capt Punit

    Strange Flickering Lights Airbus Professional

    Try the link once again. It works for me.
  4. Hi Guys, I have attached a link to the screenshot, I am getting this type of strange red textures around the lights when I turn on Beacon and Strobe lights on all Aerosoft's aircrafts. They appear on all Aerosoft Airbus' aircrafts and all TDS aircrafts(here on NAV lights). But on default P3D v4.3 and PMDG aircrafts it does not appear. I posted it on Aerosoft's forum but they said that Aerosoft can't do anything. Please give me a solution. I haven't installed any extra add on after installing airbus pro. Thanks
  5. Capt Punit

    Level-D 767 P3d V3 Installation

    There are no posts related to this in their forum. Does anyone have the solution? I am using p3d v3 and updated to their v1.5 version of B767 still i m getting the same error. Although after clicking ok for 4-5 times the aircraft works fine. But this message comes everytime I load the aircraft
  6. Capt Punit

    FO is Lazy

    Prob solved. Thanks byork. I updated the client to and everything worked normally.
  7. Capt Punit

    FO is Lazy

    @SierraHotel I did check the things I want the FO to do and he does it, I mean he acknowledges the procedures properly I could hear him but in the cockpit nothing changes, like when he says "Anti Collision Light - On" and i point my cam to that switch but nothing happens. At last after waiting for few minutes I myself have to do it. @byork According to their website fs2crew v3.1 is compatible with p3d v4
  8. Capt Punit

    FO is Lazy

    Hello Guys, I recently bought this wonderful addon FS2Crew Reboot for 737 NGX v3.1 for P3D v4.0, and I am using Button Control Pack and SOP 2. Here is my prob: * During the Checklist Procedures the FO doesn't do anything. I hear him saying 'Checked' and other things. All the procedures I configured for FO are only heard but nothing happens. He never touches the aircraft. Is this how the button control supposed to be? I have read the entire SOP 2 Button Control manual but cound't find the answer. * The same thing is with FA's voice and Ground Control. FA says is it ok to close the door? I say 'Yes' and only the sound of shutting doors is heard but the doors are not actually closed. I have to close them manually from FMC. I ask the ground control to connect and disconnet the GPU, they say 'GPU connected' but they don't actually connect, I have to do it FYI only the Landing Gear seems to be working properly. I press the MAIN BUTTON for Landing Gear and the FO puts it UP/Down accordingly Please Help me on this Thanks