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  1. Capt Punit

    Level-D 767 P3d V3 Installation

    There are no posts related to this in their forum. Does anyone have the solution? I am using p3d v3 and updated to their v1.5 version of B767 still i m getting the same error. Although after clicking ok for 4-5 times the aircraft works fine. But this message comes everytime I load the aircraft
  2. Capt Punit

    FO is Lazy

    Prob solved. Thanks byork. I updated the client to and everything worked normally.
  3. Capt Punit

    FO is Lazy

    @SierraHotel I did check the things I want the FO to do and he does it, I mean he acknowledges the procedures properly I could hear him but in the cockpit nothing changes, like when he says "Anti Collision Light - On" and i point my cam to that switch but nothing happens. At last after waiting for few minutes I myself have to do it. @byork According to their website fs2crew v3.1 is compatible with p3d v4
  4. Capt Punit

    FO is Lazy

    Hello Guys, I recently bought this wonderful addon FS2Crew Reboot for 737 NGX v3.1 for P3D v4.0, and I am using Button Control Pack and SOP 2. Here is my prob: * During the Checklist Procedures the FO doesn't do anything. I hear him saying 'Checked' and other things. All the procedures I configured for FO are only heard but nothing happens. He never touches the aircraft. Is this how the button control supposed to be? I have read the entire SOP 2 Button Control manual but cound't find the answer. * The same thing is with FA's voice and Ground Control. FA says is it ok to close the door? I say 'Yes' and only the sound of shutting doors is heard but the doors are not actually closed. I have to close them manually from FMC. I ask the ground control to connect and disconnet the GPU, they say 'GPU connected' but they don't actually connect, I have to do it FYI only the Landing Gear seems to be working properly. I press the MAIN BUTTON for Landing Gear and the FO puts it UP/Down accordingly Please Help me on this Thanks