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  1. I am anxious to buy X-plane 12 via Steam. surely, I am not the only one. Every day I check the Steam store without any result. Laminar must realise that many of their customers are awaiting the Seam release.
  2. Could you please tell me how one switch between GPS and Nav mode in the A320 neo. Thank you
  3. Guys, please bear with me. I adjusted the date in P3d to 1 September 2018, but the out of date message remains. Anyway, the effective dates for the Navigraph data is 3 Jan 2019-30 Jan 2019, therefore if the date in the Simulator is set to January 2019 should it not be correct? My Navigraph subscription commenced 129 days ago, and with all the previous data updates this problem did not occur, only now with cycle 1901. I appreciate your input.
  4. Thank you for your input. Yes, I do have a Navigraph Subscription for FMS Data. My computer is set to the current date (20 January 2019) I should also mention that the Nav Data Out OF Date message does not occur with the Aerosoft Airbus A318/9/20 series or in X-Plane, only with the QOTS.
  5. Hi All I have a frustrating issue with the QOTSll (B747-400 and 800) in Prepar3dv4 in that Navigraph data (Cycle 1901) registers as out of date in the FMC IDENT PAGE. The following appears on the relevant page: "Model 747-400, Nav Data AIRAC-1901 JAN03JAN30/19 NAV DATA OUT OF Date." However all relevant data correctly installed into the Prepar3Dv4/PMDG/NavData folder. Also, the cycle_info.txt is correctly shown as AIRAC cycle: 1901,Version:1, Valid (from/to): 03/JAN/2019 - 30/JAN/2019. Any assistance in resolving this issue will be appreciated.
  6. Thank you, Kyle. Setting the trim axis on my yoke to zero resolved this issue.
  7. Hi, I have a similar issue with the B747-400 in the Tutorial 1 flight. I followed the tutorial correctly and the first two attempts went off without a hitch. I try the tutorial at least once per day to familiarize myself with it. Lately, randomly during the flight (some times during the climb, other times during cruise or decent the autopilot disengaged message appears, the warning sound goes and the autopilot disconnects. Trying to engage the autopilot again it stays on for a few seconds, then disengage again and again causing me to abort the flight as everything goes haywire in terms of altitude, speed, Vnav and lnav, etc. Any ideas on what causes this behavior will be appreciated. Regards, Johann
  8. Thank you Dan. Well, the VC more than makes up for the missing 2D panel. Regards, Johann Olivier.
  9. Thank you very much Dan. Found it exactly where you indicated. I am certain there are other members that will find this helpful.
  10. My Queen of the skies B747 and B748 have no 2D cockpit (normally accessible via the F10 key) and when I try to access it via the views menu all I get is a black screen. This is a letdown for me, but before I comment further on this issue I would like to get confirmation that the product indeed ships without a 2D Cockpit. Any information will be appreciated.
  11. I purchased the Boeing 747-400 QOTS and after installation on my pc, there is not a single PMDG folder in my programs start menus, therefore no Operations Centre. After re-installation there is no change. except that during the installation I managed to "catch" and pin the Operations Centre to my Windows Taskbar. Strangely enough there is still no record of it being installed anywhere on my computer, therefore it is impossible to create a Desktop shortcut. At least the program opens from the Taskbar. Hope it will not disappear should I restart my computer.
  12. Downloaded and installed the full version 4.3. Guess what, the ATC Window grey out bug is still there. I am very unhappy. Any ideas on how to fix this, please?
  13. I am currently downloading Version 4.3 and I am relieved to read that the ATC grey out bug is gone. I did not know that this issue existed, and assumed that my installation of Prepar3d V4.2 was broken with regard to the ATC window. Thank you all for making me aware of V4.3 being available. I assumed I would receive an e-mail from Lockheed Martin advising of any upgrades. It definitely pays to visit the Avsim Forums on a regular basis.
  14. This issue seemed to be fixed in the 11.20 upgrade. The problems pointed out in my original post have largely been addressed. It is now a pleasure flying the Boeing 747-400.
  15. Hi All FSW being an early access program (which may or may not be further developed) is it fair to sell DLC (another GA aircraft) already? This probably means that heavy metal aircraft will also be paid for DLC. My hope was that Dovetail would at least include various aircraft types in addition to GA aircraft as default, during early access and during later Beta testing. Please correct me if I, wrong.
  16. Thank you, guys. Good to know this will be addressed in the future.
  17. Hi Everyone. I am still relatively new to X-Plane, having migrated from FSX. The default Boeing 747 in the simulator is a lovely aircraft, but proves to be difficult when it comes to ILS approaches. Most of the time the approach button on the autopilot does not light up, but it lights up the LOC button. The red dot indicating the glideslope some times kick in but at other times is absent when I am lined up with the runway. In order to get used to flying the B747 I have done quite a lot of touch an goes at major airports like KLAX and EGCC and found that if I leave the LOC button off and click the approach button when the glideslope is alive the LOC button lights up but the approach button stays dark, however the ILS approach and landing is successful. Having gotten this far I tried a few flights from one airport to another, for example EGKK to EGCC, or KSFO to KLAX, when at the arrival airport everything goes haywire. Approaching from 12 miles out and lining up the aircraft with the runway, when the glideslope come alive and I click the approach button the aircraft veers sharply away from the runway in spite of the correct NAV 1 frequency being used, making it impossible to land with the autopilot. and I have to land manually. It feels like I am the only X-Plane 11 user that experience this frustrating behavior of the B747, as I have done a lot of internet searching and could not find a solution. Any advice in this regard will be appreciated. Is the default aircraft buggy and if so are there plans from Laminar to address this as far as you are aware? Is there any "fine tuning" that could be applied to it? Thank you.
  18. Thank you Jan. Hard to believe X-plane is behind FSX in this regard, being the "most powerful flight simulator". I am trying out the Autogate plug-in in a new freeware version of San Diago International (KSAN) obtained at this link http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=24953. Will see how this work out.
  19. Hi everyone. Being new to X-Plane 11, having migrated from FSX I would like to enquire how to get a jet way to attach to the aircraft (Ctrl + J in FSX) and opening/closing exits (Shift + E, followed by 1,2,etc. in FSX) I can not find any key bindings related to these operations in X-Plane. Any assistance will be appreciated. Regards.
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