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  1. Thanks Dan, your help is very much appreciated! Regards, Martin
  2. Selective Quote G'day Dan, very much appreciated. In my updated SIDS STAR file for NZQN, I have been running through entry by entry for my additional APPROACHES, FIXES and GATES and did come to the conclusion also that ERROR at the "FIXES" line did mean there was an issue with the syntax somewhere in the file. I verified by checking every new additional fix one by one to see if the FMC showed and error and you guessed it, no error appeared. Also adding gates at the airport did not cause an issue either. I was also experimenting with by writing in one extra fix at a time to see if there was a limit to the number of fixes in an APPROACH line. This did not seem to cause an issue either. What I did find was the use of TRK in the APPROACHES section causes an error and the SIDS/STARS for that airport doesn't appear in the FMC. Now that I can put in many fixes in the approach (making sure I don't use TRK) this helps me write accurate "real world" approaches for NZQN (and others). Are there any other traps in writing the syntax for these files? I have read the "PMDG 737NG How to make Terminal Procedures" from the Avsim library as well as the "Tutorial on how to create and adapt data files for PMDG FMC" by Luca T. I'm pretty sure the TRK issue was not mentioned. Also in the real world approach charts for NZQN (in particular RNAV Y RWY 23) there are smooth arcs required between each fix to navigate safely through the mountainous terrain. By writing FIX OVERFLY this has helped align the approach better but is there a command to place a smooth arc between each fix in the approach?? Thanks and regards, Martin
  3. G'day to both Mark and DAL521, you have been very helpful. I will check mout the tutorial and feedback hao this goes. Thanks heaps, Martin.
  4. I have been enjoying the amazing functionality and accuracy of the 737 NGX simulation and decided to write accurate approaches not in this months latest Navigraph updates. In particular I have been attempting to write RNAV approaches for Queenstown NZ in the SIDSSTARS folder. I have searched the net for assistance in writing the correct syntax for these files and have been meticulous in adding all extra fixes to the file as well as the approaches and gates. I keep getting an error at line 17 which is the word FIXES. It appears like all other files in this folder and is very confusing. Is this a known issue when writing your own SIDS stars files? Does anyone know of a tutorial or summary for writing the correct syntax and the possible command options for writing my own data for the 737ngx FMC? Rather than starting with the functioning SIDSTAR file for NZQN and updating the file line by line then shutting down FSX then restarting to see if there is an error message in the FMC, is there a program that simulates the PMDG FMC alone so I can check if my newly written files will work in FSX? This is a very slow process but I would like to fly accurate approaches into my airports of choice in the simulator.
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