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  1. Any chance of the new Etihad facets livery being used for the Aerosim 787?
  2. Mike, Romeo, Gulf left Bankstown at around 1:10pm today. The passengers have boarded, it was time to begin our journey. Taxiing to Runway 29C Departed, See you soon Bankstown! View of the City, last set of skyscrapers for thousands of miles... Cruising over the Tasman Sea, DTO Norfolk Island! Beautiful Scenery Approaching the Blurry Runway The Airports scenery glitched and there was no airfield after I landed, Hence no arrival shots :( Going to use the default scenery next time but other than that the journey was good! Next stop is Fiji!
  3. Hi All! Was going to do the first leg today, but I have been pushed back with family events. Mike, Romeo, Gulf is expected to depart at around 1pm AEST tomorrow afternoon. (3/5/15) Luke
  4. Cheers Dave! I am surprised by the amount of interest in this thread! Thank's to everyone supported me. Definitely a ego-boost! Luke
  5. Mike, Romeo, Gulf left the maintenance hanger and was handed over to me last night, I will be flying a total of 5 PAX around the world and the journey begins tomorrow. Luke
  6. Quick Update! Mike, Romeo, Golf was inspected for the last time today before the flight. All is looking good and she is expected to leave the maintenance hanger at Bankstown on Friday Night. The mechanics took these shots of her: Hanger Time! The Flight Deck! -Luke
  7. @ CVA1077 Planning VATSIM for most of the legs, maybe not for the transpacific ones unless Honolulu has ATC Online! @JmBii Cheers for the Virtual Coast Guard assistance! ^_^ Thanks, Luke
  8. Howellerman, Thanks for the positive feedback! I am unsure though how to edit the post, I don't see an edit button anywhere on this page! Other than that, thanks for showing interest in my virtual journey! My name is Luke for those who want to address me. Cheers, Luke
  9. Hello! (Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I'm new to the AVSIM Forums! ) This thread is home to my Round the World Citation Jet "Blog" sort of thing. I will be using Carenado's Cessna S550 Citation to fly around the globe for my first time in FSX since buying in 2010. It will be updated with screenshots and a trip report like etiquette throughout the coming weeks/months! The route is below: The journey will begin on the 2nd of May and will go ahead until the S550 is back at Bankstown in Sydney. The Aircraft is Australian Registered VH-MRG (Mike, Romeo, Gulf) Aircraft Statistics: Current Location: Bankstown (Sydney) ________________________________________ So here is the blog below: Pre Journey Finished a few test flights prior to the flight next weekend, the aircraft is sitting at the same stand it will leave to Norfolk on next Saturday. Really excited to finally set a challenge in FSX and share it with other people. The leg I am quite anxious about is the PHLI-PADU in which the Citation will only have 50nm left of fuel on arrival allowing at most 2 or 3 Go-Arounds but no diversion. If the weather is bad we will turn around before we get close to the airfield. Since this is virtual world ETOPS does not apply so I am looking forward to stare at nothing for a few hours and then suddenly peaking thousand feet high mountains. All is set for Saturdays departure! Leg 1 | YSBK-YSNF (Bankstown to Norfolk Island) (Not Departed)
  10. Another request! I always feel guilty when I request something but I would love to see the United Express livery on the CRJ-200! Thanks a lot!
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