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  1. I have seen strange problems when connecting 2 PC's together using just a network cable (RJ-45), especially if it is not a "crossover" cable. I would recommend using a network switch and plug each PC into the switch and assign each PC (network card) a fixed IP address such as 192.168.100.XXX, where the last three numbers are slightly different. That is how I have my 2 PC's connected and Panel Builder works fine. Also, I recommend using FSX Interface connected to FSX by Simconnect instead of FSUIPC. Hope this helps.
  2. I have configured a Panel Builder set of gauges for FSX baron 58 and have two Engine RPM gauges. Both gauges read the same and reflect the RPM of engine #1 only. How do I setup the second RPM gauge to reflect the engine RPM's of engine #2? I am using SimConnect interface. Thank you.
  3. *** UPDATE *** I have had success so far by changing all the power management settings on my 2nd computer (running Panel Builder) to NEVER hibernate, turn off monitor, or go to sleep mode. I also set my NIC cards to DHCP and let the router handle IP addressing. Thanks for your input.
  4. Hopefully, this might be the right place to post this request, as it is a "wish list" topic. Using FSX and Panel Builder. Is there a forum or other location where Panel Builder users can share / upload instrument panels they've created for certain aircraft. I ask... why keep inventing the wheel if someone else has already made a great instrument panel layout for specific aircraft. I would be willing to share the ones I've created, but am spending lots of time creating panels that someone has probably already created. Any thoughts?
  5. simPluginsFSX Interface is on same computer as FSX and connects using SimConnect. Panel Builder on 2nd computer connected via wired network cable. Fixed IP addresses: for Main PC (FSX computer) and for Panel Builder PC. Connected through a Linksys E1200 Router (wired). When FSX freezes I can't do anything on main PC. I hear sound of engine, but cannot move mouse or do any keyboard commands. I do CTRL-ALT-DEL to get into Task Manager and look at running apps. I see next to the simPluginsFSX Interface app the message "waiting on clients". I have to End Tasks to start over. My next experiment is to set all power management settings on the 2nd computer to be sure that computer is not going into a hibernate or sleep mode. Will update after trying this. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Running Panel Builder on 2nd wired network PC and PB interface with FSX Simconnect. After a few minutes of flying FSX computer freezes and if I do a CRTL-ALT-DEL and look at applications I see that Panel Builder says "waiting on client". Any suggestions? Thanks.
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