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  1. Wow...I totally missed those little boxes sitting at the bottom of the slider section. 🙂 Good thing it weren't a snake!! Thanks for the help. As a bonus, I also found the logbook entries because they're close to the section you linked me to. I was looking for those as well. This app is pretty amazing...can't wait to find the next cool feature!
  2. Is there a way to zoom in on the elevation profile? Particularly at the end of the flight (from TOD) it would be nice to be able to make that decent line the width of the profile window. (I tried the sliders on the right; they're not clickable.)
  3. Thanks! I followed the tutorial to grab aircraft performance, and that helped. I just need to tweak it now, as you mentioned. Great product!!
  4. Hi! Great work; I'm beginning to learn littlenavmap and I'm loving it so far...seems to be just what I'm looking for! A default FSX flight plan creates the Beginning Of Descent way, way too close to the destination, requiring an almost 7000fpm descent to get down in time to land. So I'm wondering if I can create a flightplan in LNM and specifiy where I want the BOD? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! That's good to know. Turns out my furnace went on the fritz yesterday and I had to spend lots of money to fix it (figures; first snow of the year and the furnace dies!) so I ended up not buying the 402C. *sigh* Life happens! I'll have to live with the FSD Navajo/Panter. It's not terrible (all the things you noted are the same for me of course), and it's already paid for, and I've finally learned to set the altitude and *then* change the V/S manually, so I'll keep flying it. Heck, I may even try my hand at the paint kit. So thanks for all the help! Maybe next time it goes on sale I'll grab it...or maybe A2A will build a Navajo. :-)
  6. Thanks guys, that helps a lot! Stans, between the FSD Panther and the latest ver of the Flysimware 402C, which has the better graphics? I notice the current 402C is boasting HD graphics. Also, which one has the most realistic startup and "fly by the numbers" model?
  7. Hey all; I know I'm dredging up an old thread here, but I'm now looking at this aircraft for my own FSX hanger. I have the FSD Navajo, but as somebody mentioned, it's a FS9 airplane at heart, and it works "ok" in FSX. The load manager doesn't really work at all with FSX, and FSD as told me point blank that they will *not* ever update this aircraft. Which is too bad, because I'd sure pay for an upgrade. I really want a Navajo as I fly into / out of Farmington NM a lot for air charter flights, and it's pretty cool to fly a Navajo into the Navajo Nation! (I've seen the carenado Navajo, and I don't like it enough to drop thrity-five bucks for it. So, that's led me to the 402C. I can nab it for twelve bucks for the next 16 hours at simmarket, so I'm interested. After reading through this entire thread, then going to flysimware's website and seeing that they've kept doing updates to it (as recently as 2 weeks ago), I have a couple questions: Is this a persistant model? Meaning, does the HOBS meter run, do you have to do regular maintenance, etc? Like the FSD is supposed to, and like the A2A planes do? For those of you who have kept it up to date, does the current FDE work well? How about the current sounds...they ok now? For twelve bucks I suppose I really can't go wrong, just wanted to chime in here. And also to thank everybody in this thread for their observations...seems like you're all practicing adults around here, and I like that! :-) Bill <><
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