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  1. dorialo

    just for learning : linda and mcp combo 2

    Hi Thnx so much for answering so far If i understand you correct i have to dig in uipc now , well at the moment i dont have time to experiment but as soon i have it again , i will go on and let you know if i got it working or let know my next problem 🙂 i guess it will be the last but we'll see thnx again dori
  2. Hi all , using :P3Dv4.2 on win7 some weeks ago i got my combo 2 at home , installing linda (at the moment version 3.0.7) and uipc 5.132c , and the whole thing worked like a charm I like to fly and experiment with the virtavia c-17 and saw that not all functions i wanted were in the fsx default , so i clicked on new aircraft, called it virtavia c-17 globemaster , copied the *fsx default to it and hoppa , test it so far so good , all standard buttons and knobs were functioning like before , but now the ones i could not manage by the standard options from the standard libs. for example : the antiskid switch => programmed it at first with the standard fsx option : ANTISKID_BRAKES_TOGGLE 66720 , no luck , the bugger wasn't moving ok , so i thought may be i have to program a new switch in linda (or wherever) , did go to the tracer option , and searced in the list Lua variables by using the filter : "skid" , and voila there was an option : anti_skid_switch I toggled the switch by "set value" and yeaaah the switch responded to it, wel that was nice to see 🙂 , some experimenting with the linda console and yeaaah it told me : [L] LVar: anti_skid_switch = 1 or became 0 again well logical of course .............but now what ??? now i want this info (as far as it is usefull yet) into the Linda libs of course so i can programm a button to it , any one ???? thnx in advance dori
  3. dorialo

    Documentation help needed please

    Oh man , you are absolutely right (i know how much time programming costs sometimes). Therefore i was hoping for some links on the net with some more usefull info , i could not find it yet , but my search will go on :) anyway thnx for your answer and keep up your good work dori
  4. dorialo

    Documentation help needed please

    yeah i also would like to jump deeper into linda for making flightsim modules every link to that would be nice or a new made tut , i search the net and it seems that only this site is busy with linda and flightsim , so it scares me for the future All the help from others is superb but i dont like to be depended on others forever. so can anyone help us in the good direction ? thnx in advance dorialo