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    2019 Business Jet

    It's 2019. In fact, almost a month in (I hope you all know that). That said, what business jet is good out right now (or soon)? I know it's been discussed here before but I would appreciate it if anyone had any recent news on business jets for v4 since mid-2018. Thanks 🙂.
  2. matthewpow

    2019 Business Jet

    I've never had good experiences with Carenado. I got one of their products a few years back and it looked great, but it didn't fly great and the system modelling was next to none. Have they improved?
  3. matthewpow

    2019 Business Jet

    I also missed that Falcon thread. Once they release that, I will definitely look into it. I used to fly the FSW Lear a lot but it is showing its age.
  4. matthewpow

    Chaseplane worth it?

  5. Having this same issue. Have you figured anything out Michael?
  6. matthewpow

    Dirtier Wings as You Fly

    Yeah with all the new technology, we'll be ingesting mechanical clouds into the engines soon. All joking aside, adding those would be cool, though as you said, very, very rare.
  7. matthewpow

    Dirtier Wings as You Fly

    Has anyone every thought of creating some sort of addon/plugin for the NGX in which the longer you fly the specific plane, the wings get dirtier? It could read the .hours file for the specific reg and if somehow it could read any kind of Active Sky file like other addons do to detect the type of weather you were flying in. I'm not sure how complex this would be, specifically the weather part, but I feel it would add an extra point of realism to the aircraft. Just a thought I had tonight.
  8. matthewpow

    Dirtier Wings as You Fly

    I didn't say I wanted PMDG specifically to do this. I just said it would be cool for a developer to make it. Not PMDG.
  9. matthewpow

    Dirtier Wings as You Fly

    Yeah the repainters might not like it as much cause they won't be able to customize the wings in one go, but most the time, at least on US airlines because they have no lettering on the wings, all the repainters add is weathering... Making the Japan and China airlines might be a fun job to do though lol.
  10. matthewpow

    Dirtier Wings as You Fly

    Yeah that would be my main concern with this idea. I feel it would be somewhat easy for the hours and without the weather but I also feel it could take thousands of textures to be able to fade and not just jump from clean to it's a 15-year-old plane. The weather I could see being a much harder, somewhat impossible, challenge because it would need to read every type of weather AND it would add more files to the initial number.
  11. matthewpow

    PMDG 737 release date on website

    I don't think the cockpit looks any better or worse but the 73 is used much more than the 777 or 747 daily only shorter routes, providing more choices, especially for us with daily lives.
  12. matthewpow

    1 July update - livery issues...

    I downloaded and installed one of yours third party seems to work fine but like he said, downloading liveries isn't working at the moment.
  13. matthewpow

    PMDG 737 Update for P3D V4

    Okay guys it's getting a little out of hand here. This forum was created out of curiosity of when and why the 73 was being released and delayed. This forum has turned into a battlefield between moderators and between each other. It needs to stop. No, I'm not a moderator nor do I strive to be like one, but when people start making "sexist" remarks and people start fighting the moderators, it gets out of hand very fast. We just all need to remain friends and not start a war between each other. We all want the 73! No one needs to start a war over it though! (No rush though )
  14. matthewpow


    I just installed P3D V4 and I just want to make sure I didn't need to unregister all my PMDG products before I unistalled. Thanks!
  15. matthewpow

    No splash lights on ground at night?

    Have you figured out anything yet? I uninstalled PTA.
  16. matthewpow

    Dim landing lights

    I also have this issue. I have reverted all PTA and shader settings to their defaults. Are you saying I should uninstall Envtex too? As with other people, they work perfect in the light, but very dim in the dark.
  17. matthewpow


    Is there a way to somehow like map or program the PTT under the map light to a Vatsim pilot client like vPilot? It would be super cool to be able to do that.