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  1. Hi Jimm, I have tried all it says in those threads, but i still get the skeleton both in the selection menu of FSX and when loading the flight on any airport. Any other recommendations? Im starting to feel disappointed with PMDG, although previously with W7 it worked well. Regards, Hi Roger, are you running W10 as well? Regards.
  2. Hi Doug, I have tried loading the default ultra light first and then the PMDG 737, but nothing changes. I still see the skeleton view of the AC on the aircraft selection window in FSX. Is this what you mean with simconnect? Kind regards, Pablo.
  3. HI all, I have recently upgraded my PC from W7 to W10. After reinstalling FSX and in particular PMDG 737NGX, I get skeleton view of the AC on the aircraft selection window in FSX. I have edited fsx.cfg file HIGHMEMFIX=1 but nothing changes. My hardware setup is the following: W10 64bit i5 4430 3Ghz 8GB RAM GPU: NVIDIA GTX760 2GB I have read all the threads after searching for 'skeleton' but havent found an answer. Does someone had the same issue and can share how he/ she solved it? Kind regards.
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