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  1. Well Bryan - if only I knew.... My suspect is, that - maybe! - something was changed within the 1607 upgrade. Rights or permissions or anything like this. So FS2Crew wasn´t able to work in the PMDG. And my reinstalling procedere, in the 1607 enviroment, could fix this. But if this is so, I do not know unfortunately. Matthias
  2. Okay, here is a little update: bad news first: Rolling back prior to 1607 was not possible. Windows says: "Your system was updated for more than 10 days. Restore the previous build is not possible" Great! I´m loving it! Okay - whats now? Now I´ve deinstalled all FS2Crew software, deleted all remaining folders and deleted all registry entries of FS2Crew manually. Than I did the same with PMDG NGX and 777. I also deleted the FSXcfg. I rebooted my pc and than I started to reinstall all the software step by step. Of course a system reboot after each software. Now the good news: I´ve done two tests (with NGX and 777) and everything seems to be fine. But I´m not sure, if the problem is solved really. I need a couple of days to test again and again. Maybe this helps other users too..... Matthias
  3. Hi Bryan, thanks for your reply. I´m using Button Control only. I have installed Win10 as a "clean installation" in January-2016 - have not used the upgrade function. Will try to rolling back today afternoon and get back to you. At the moment, I´m "happy" that I´m not alone.... :-) Matthias
  4. Hi Brian, after many years using FS2Crew without any problems, I have to report a problem, which I could´nt solve by myself. Currently I use 737NGXRB (v3.0) and 777 (v3.0) and RAAS. After the FSX (SP2) is loaded correctly and I "sit" in my seat, I start FS2Crew. Initializing runs perfektly. But if I press the button "Run preflight events" the lady says: lets start the show on the road, the diplay shows "setup" - and nothing more happens. The doors are not opening, the lady does´nt a goaround - FS2Crew seems to be frozen. The same problem occours, when I use the 777. If I do a systemcheck in the NGX Reboot Manager, everything is OK. I install all my software as admin, virus-software is off during any installation progress, UAC is off. I have already reinstalled FS2Crew sometimes, checked all entries ( in panel cfg e.t.c.). If I remember right (unfortunately I have no time each day for FSX) I have this problem since I have updated to v3.0 - but in the same period WIN10 was updated to v1607..... Is there anywhere a logfile created by FS2Crew, which could be helpfull to detect the reason, why FS2Crew stops? Regards from gemany Matthias
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