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  1. I agree, this is a PITA and it works just fine in X-Plane 11 but not in MSFS 2020. Unless MSFS installs some kind of repeat on the button I may just use the Trim wheel up down for gear up/down and use the grey switch I used for gear as my trim up down, The other one I use for flaps up down. If anyone finds a better answer to make this trim wheel work let us know.
  2. This was and interesting read and what I have discovered is that VR Glasses use a lens to change the close image to be focused at infinity and this applies to all objects in view. For those like me who need glasses for distance vision, they are required in VR to bring your vision into the "normal" range, so you can wear your glasses or buy prescription inserts. The bi-focal portion of your vision accommodates for the inability of your lens to focus near objects but this is not necessary for VR because they are all focused to infinity. Found this short video that shows how this is ac accomplished in VR. https://vr-lens-lab.com/lenses-for-virtual-reality-headsets/
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