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  1. Hi Nico, thank you so much, it works perfect😀👍
  2. ... what a stupid error, I had only change "IVAO_MTL" in the Prepar3D v5 main folder path.
  3. Hi Nico, unfortunately no success, I even copied IVA_MTL into the Prepar3D V5 Main Folder: f:\Prepar3d v5\IVAO_MTL2, unfortunately no success either. The automatic scan simply does not find the AI aircrafts. All folders are shared in Windows 10 Pro. Manual installation does not work either. I have added the line <parameter name="lfolder0" value="F:\Prepar3d \IVAO_MTL2" /> to the end. Does it perhaps need to be inserted in a different place? I hope we get the problem solved, because without your tool the sim is much more boring. Kind regards Peter
  4. Thanks for your quick response Nico, so I will delete the "2" and will check it.
  5. Hello Nico, I had to completely reinstall my Prepar3D v5. Previously PSXT Traffic works perfectly. After the reinstallation, PSXT_Prepar3D no longer finds the lVAO_MTL2, neither with the automatic scan nor after entering the corresponding line in the AppData>Roaming>PSXT Traffic file: <parameter name="lfolder0" value="F:\Prepar3d v5\SimObjects\IVAO_MTL2" /> The path to IVAO_MTL2 is: f:\Prepar3d v5\SimObjects\IVAO_MTL2 KInd regards & thanks for you support in advance! Peter
  6. Hello, PSXT_P3D works perfect with Prepar3D v5 but when switching to v6 I get the error message "error 53. liveries not found" Kind regards Peter
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