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  1. Hi, there are complete perfomances tables for TO, CRUISE, DESCEND and LANDING. They are simple but easy to read and to use.
  2. I have find just few minute ago your post in another tread. Thank you very much, everything work now Good landings
  3. Please can you send me the method to solve this issue?
  4. I solved. I have recovered the pc and reinstalled everything from beginning. The problem seems like PMDG lose registration of both products. Infact before all goes wrong, when I selected 777 or 737 p3d asked me the registration keys like first time installation. Anyway thank to everyone. Regards
  5. Full name is Renato Ferracci, I know that it is installed by many without problem, I have done in the past too. But now this is the problem, how can I fix it? Thank you
  6. Just for further info, I have installed with succes just few minutes ago a320/321 aerosfot. This let me think that there is a problem focused on PMDG products
  7. Thanks for the reply, the strange think is that on the first installation of PMDG products EMT was on PC and everythings run perfectly since today. Anyway, I have unistalled EMT. Now,if I try to launch P3D installer to repair registry, all other addons will have problems?
  8. Hello all, this is Renato, after months of excellent work with no problems, today I've tryed to install a new livey for my 777f, but in the operations center both 777 and 737 were as if they were not installed. So I have unistalled both, downloaded the last installer on PMDG site, but when I tryed to install a message said "unable to find Prepar3d.exe.Unable to install". So I have searched in all forum a solution, I have ckecked the correct path in the registry, followed all passage in text document with installer, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions. please help me. P.s. I have p3d v2.4 windows 10
  9. Hi, I'm Renato, Since yesterday 777 and 737 work fine in the sim. today I've tried to install new livery with OPERATIONS CENTER", but it doesn't work properly. Seems that product wasn't installed. So I unistalled both plane, dowloaded both again fron PMDG web site, but when tried to install a message tell me "UNABLE TO FIND PREP3D.exe. Unable to install" Unistalled migration tool but nothing changed. Checked the registry and it's all ok. Same problem with 737 base. I have p3d v2.4
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