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  1. Well, this tool is actually intended for looking up call signs based on the flight number transmitted by the transponder. Lets say you've got BAW59 on your radar and you don't know what airline this is or what call sign you have to use when contacting this plane. So you type in "BAW" and the tool tells you that this flight is operated by "British Airways" and the call sign is "Speedbird".
  2. NET 4.5 is not supported by WinXP. However, I just tried running it on Win7 32bit with NET 4.0.3 and it worked just fine. I can compile a version for NET 4.0 if you need it.
  3. Since I haven't found anything comparable, I've created a small tool for looking up call signs. The program uses the ICAO airline designator and resolutes it to the name of the airline and the voice call sign used for ATC communications. It currently features 998 airlines. Might be handy for air traffic controllers on Vatsim, IVAO or other networks http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=188395 The program requires NET 4.5. If you have any wishes for further functions or missing airlines, just post it here.
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