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  1. Hello I have the same problem with my Radio panel and my Multi panel. When I switch with rotary button (com1, com2,...) I have always "com1" frequency. I use : p3d v3.4, Linda 2.8.8 and A2A 172 An idea ? Thanks :smile:
  2. No worries, it is not urgent Thank you in advance I have a question : how I can put images in my post ? :wink:
  3. Hi I'm new on this forum. I have : -- P3D v3.4. -- LINDA 2.8.8. -- saitek radio panel -- saitek multi panel 1. I have a message error in P3d when I "reload LUA engine" --> "Saitek Multi panel is DETECTED but couldn't be opended. I don't know how to resolve this error. 2. When LINDA is open, the radio panel always show the "COM1" frenquency and erase information on the multi panel. Thanks for your help. Noel :smile:
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