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  1. Hi All, Having conversed with Tony Meredith, it appears the only solution is a re-install. There are Playsims/Horizon DVD versions of this software still available on the internet, so I may have to go down this path. Many thanks to all that participated by trying to assisst me in solving my problem. Regards Zippo
  2. Hi Gordon, Thanks for the post Yes to ES compatibility files and autogen backup folder Never had Orbx. Strange thing is Alderney and Guernsey folders/files were both located in the same ES-CI folder backup folder I created - Guernsey is fine & Alderney is not. Only other software related to UK is UK2000 airfields (CI not covered I believe) and UTX+GEX Europe: ES CI folders in top positions in library in order defined by ES. Cheers Zippo
  3. Hi Captain Bligh, Many thanks for the response and link. I don't seem to be able to see his contact details on the site. Do you have a current email address you can pm me or know where I can find it? Cheers Zippo
  4. I have now checked ES Guernsey and in all cases there is plenty of autogen (trees & buildings). Furthermore, the months show the expected photoscenery land colours associated with the seasons, namely:- Hard Winter (Jan) - slight snow covering Winter (Dec, & Feb) - no snow but no greenery other than evergreen trees Spring (Mar, Apr & May) - lots of vivid greenery Summer (June, July & Aug) - more yellowy greens and beiges Autumn/Fall (Sep, Oct & Nov) - more browns and yellows There are plenty of environmental sounds - waves breaking, birds & gulls calling. Hope this helps anyone who may have some ideas, as I am now even more confused why this should be. Cheers
  5. Hi All, I have run into a major problem with this scenery addon, which was a download from ES prior to their demise. I aslo have ES Guernsey. Both worked beautifully until now. My hardrive has suffered a malfunction (loud clunk in the cabinet) and a number of files were lost/corrupted, including my ESI pack backups of Alderney & Guernsey. However, I did find another backup folder (I think I made), which included all the ES directories for the Channel Islands, airports and what appears to be a backup of the FSX files it replaced. To cut a long story short, I can get ES Alderney working like it used to, except the autogen seems to be inconsistent as follows:- Hard Winter (Jan.) - about 10% autogen - few houses & trees in a snowy landscape Winter (Feb) - as Jan but autumn/fall land colours (no snow) (Mar) - almost max autogen - spring land colours Spring (Apr & May) - as Mar (Jun) - about 40% autogen - spring land colours Summer (Jul & Aug) - as Jun ( Sep) - as Jun but autumn/fall land colours Autumn/Fall (Oct & Nov) - as Sep (Dec) - as Feb. There doesn't seem to be any environment sounds audible but I have seen boats and ferry and an animated paraglider on the eastern cliffs. Does this indicate any specific issues and can they be remedied? I will check Guernsey to see if the same anomalies occur. All help gratefully received.
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