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  1. I fly in DCS with 90 FPS on my 1080Ti & 3600X at 70% render scaling. Even half resolution looks still nice in a HP Reverb. So dont worry about VR performance, just be ready to drop resolution somewhat.
  2. Do not buy a GPU for VR. Reduce Resolution and you will be fine.
  3. While I like FS 2020, most of the time I fly DCS.
  4. I have no idea about the different behaviour. Perhaps if you change to preset like ultra or high it is different than a single setting, but that is just a further guess.
  5. For those users, where the file gets overridden. Are you using this path? C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  6. Yes tested twice, the edited changes stay also when you change something in the ingame options. The other guy talked about it "seems" like the edit gets overridden.
  7. no, not in my case, post processing off stays even if I change other settings (changed file in C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache)
  8. Film grain is quite subtle if done right. I do not like it anyhow. I prefer most post processing off for the cleaner look. Sometimes the lighting effects suffer from turning off post processing, but I did not notice this yet in MSFS.
  9. Thanks for the tip. Actually I do not like any of the image degradation techniques called post processing at all in any software and so I turned it off completly. Turning off post processing should be really an option in the simulator.
  10. I have hundreds of hours VR flighttime and I am still alive and kicking. And it makes flight simming more immersive. A real risk while in the virtual air! 😉
  11. That is a awful way to handle it. They should have a offline mode where you can use your content even if there are internet problems. At least for a few days to buffer errors like this.
  12. I really like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The representation of the world is a great achievment. But while I enjoy flying in 2D from time to time, I still prefer VR for the most part of my simulator experience and find myself flying DCS all the time.
  13. You just use the mouse in the VR cockpit. Works great in DCS. And there are lots of buttons and wheels on my flightstick and throttle. That also helps.
  14. Contact lenses work fine in headsets. Also I would have to use my reading glassis additional when I have a quick look at the 2d desktop inbetween. But I prefer my regular glasses anyway. With lens inserts I also would have to switch to my glasses for quick glance at the 2d desktop.
  15. I think it is the 8 year old processor. About 40% slower than todays cpus.
  16. I enjoy both flights in VR and at the monitor. In DCS and IL2 I only fly in VR. But when I do not want to wear the headset I am grateful for options like MSFS 2020 in 2D. I wonder if I will continue to fly in 4k 2D when VR will be available in MSFS.
  17. A G1 has very bad graphics compared to 4k. And you have to turn details down, turn shadows off, turn AA off etc to achieve good performance in DCS for example. Overall I prefer VR flying. Nothing comes close to it. But the image quality is lacking big time and no 3090 will fix this on its own. I enjoy DCS in VR at 60 FPS in single player and I can live with 20 to 30 FPS in multiplayer. Not everybody will be able to adjust to low framerates and low image quality in VR in MSFS. But those who can, will have the best simming experience in their life.
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