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  1. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    Hi Andrew Things work really great now - due to your excellent and friendly assistence! btw: turned my OHD Monitor by 90degrees and changed in Display Settings - both OHPs work great on 24" touch NO PROBLEMS detected! turning down the System now, having some beers, including one for you So happy now with my absolute fave plane (maybe I´ll start a virtual trip to Glasgow tomorrow to honour my great helper! Of course I will stay tuned to the Forum, had my last FltSim about 20yrs ago (poor functionality those days) and just restarted my career with FSX. All the best to you, THANK YOU Andrew!
  2. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    Hi Andrew, You´re right... I´m sorry for that! Hope you won´t be angry with a first-time-poster! Downloaded and installed the QW 146 ultimate and... WORKS PERFECT So I put my JustFlight to the side meanwhile and started assigning commands with the module you recommended. The Job develops pretty good now as everything seems to be big success... (I decided to perform the fuel cutoffs via MouseMacro though) Pointing to the OHP - Touchpanel: There are some Switches not designed to work at all compared to my first Version, but basically all essential Switches Show pretty fine Performance on my Touchscreen! Just the Eng-Start-selector Rotary (1/2/3/4) didn´t work via touch - The Saitek Switch Panel Magnetoes selector does a perfect Job for that! Next step for me: purchase a second Touch Monitor because the OHP is split into 2 sections which gives a "life-size-feeling" over my head... Once again thank you so much, I´m very very happy now! Best greetings from (no snow at all) Salzburg Alex
  3. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    Hi Andrew... just for Info: the QW module doesn´t work on the JF 146 (different commands???) ... I will now search for a download of the QW146. But don´t worry, I´m still thankful for all the assistence you gave me! :Applause: Regards, Alex
  4. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    WOW Andrew, you did my search? - How can I ever be thankful for that? Great Job I´m absolutely sure... I´ll spend my day with that wonderful module now! I just hope it will work, as I don´t use the QW 146, but the JustFlight 146... Well, maybe I´ll have to Change the Publisher. Recheck for downloading the QW now ... I will Keep you informed about my ongoings... Once again thanks soooo much, Andrew - YOU ARE THE BEST! Regds, Alex PS: sorry for the Caps/NonCaps... I don´t know how to stop that lousy behaviour of this plugin
  5. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    Hi Andrew, thank you very much for your big help, seems that I really had a wrong way thinking the command lines :Black Eye: I will check about the Airbus mentioned, I´m not a real Boeing fan :Shame On You: But now: I use 2 Saitek TQs and all my prop planes are configured like you said, from idle back to Switch fuel off... it´s just a fact that this doesn´t work with the 146... no Chance well, I´ll Keep on trying, maybe one day I´ll find a working solution as perfect as my touch-OHP back to the master warning light and bell: I´ve found 6 different commands (hydr. fuel, air supply, eng.temp, lo Volt and APU overload) they all generate the MWS warning but with a different code in the Tracer. DO I HAVE TO RESET WITH SIX DIFFERENT CODES (... =0) then? Thanks so much again, your help will make me go to bed earlier tonite (it was 3-4am last days) Regards, Alex
  6. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    Thanks for your fast Response, Scotflieger! Wow, I´m a bit nervous now... being answered by a LINDA Support/Developer and so I am Sorry, beginners don´t always provide enough and correct Information... and I didn´t expect anybody´s interest really The Touchscreen does operate the Overhead Panel using a separate window. It works perfect and there are no Troubles at all with Default FSX aircraft! It also works perfect with my JustFlight BAE146 200 and 300 series. NO ERRORS EVER EXPERIENCED USING TOUCH AND LINDA AND SPAD simultaneously!!! My first (how to) Problem is to create a correct LUA function from a trace readout inside the main window, where I Need to reset the Maser warn and caution whenever valves or source powers are switched - I have to quit those warnings via MOUSE in the main view. can´t get that working as a button assignment :Whistle: The second Problem is the fuel cutoff, which is done by the thrust Levers. The BAe has no reversers, and when on IDLE i Need to right click a Lever which is then pulled back to cutoff posn. So far so good: I traced the function and got an LVAR command and a LUA command at the same time and function, but None of These seem to work, neither as code , nor as text command via Editor (Syntax ok) assigned to a button... Just for Info: The tail brake and wing Spoilers normally are also controlled thru a Lever which I successfully transformed into a increase/decrease button assignment after tracing the commands ...and this works, I just don´t remember how I made that When creating my new aircraft in Linda ( string found at once) I get an I/O error 183 all the time, any idea what that is? The module is created though and seems to work as far as I use Default FSX assignments. can you suggest me a "good" existing downloadable 4-engine module to transform? (FSX Default 747 can not be selected inside Default FSX) is there any more Manual than Linda v1.01 (August 2011) and Brian747´s "Don´t Panic" available? (if I could have some more Information about LVars and Luas and creating modules via the Editor I might probably succeed... I know about the MCP´s, but they just don´t "fit" into the old style BAe Cockpit - my Saiteks work well on all my desired purposes up to now. I´m thinking about that later on the Antonov 225 I LOVE THE LINDA SOFTWARE for being quite an easy way to handle hardware - I´m sure it will work fine as soon as anyone can teach me to use the Editor in the right way, and I´ve noticed the DONATE button which I will surely use when my "Baby" has come to life in full!!! I know about the Long, hard work to create Software like that (...for free) :Applause: :Applause: :Applause: Thanks so far, I hope there are some informations you can use to help me out of my existencial crisis... maybe I should just buy a Train sim :Yawn: Greetings from Salzburg/Austria Alex
  7. flieger_alex

    QualityWings Avro/BAe

    Hi guys, I hope this will still be read, but as I am new to the Forum I want to tell that there´s still Need for a BAe146 module to use with LINDA! :rolleyes: I´ve been working for days now using the Tracer and Editor... but somehow I seem to be the wrong Person to get things working fine. My Overhead is working pretty perfect in WIN7 using a iiyama Touchscreen Monitor, but until now I was not able to catch the right code for the MWS caution and warning reset :mad: I performed a trace, found the "LUA write" and used those codes in the Editor (Syntax ok) I assigned those self made Edits in the BAe146 and saved them after running the plane I still can´t get any use of my assigned Buttons. I would really be happy if anyone of you guys could give me a hint what is going wrong in my thinking! Thanks a lot in advance! Alex Win7ultimate 64 Intel i7 4790K 32GB mem 2x Geforce GTX970 @ 4GB each separate i3 CPU for Client to 6 x Saitek FIP FSUIPC4 - licenced Linda 1.13