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  1. thank you so much guys it all worked out fine!!! but what about the local meshes folders and the BMP3D folder?
  2. Thanks this is a start but now I need the exact folders to direct this is why I need a sample scenery.cfg with it installed
  3. I will try but I doubt it they will want me to buy it again...
  4. I hope someone here can help me out, I am one of the unfortunate ones that missed the license transfer deadline from flightsim store to simmarket. Now I want to reinstall my downloaded files but I will not pay again for something I do not have. If anyone here can send me their scenery.cfg file so I can point my scenery to me already extracted files it would be very helpful, or even better if anyone has faced this problem before and would like to help out. Files snapshot : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtUyqv0wiC2q2CaOmPWDSz61GuAy
  5. I am trying to install my majestic q400 but when I click next upon entering the order number and my details the installer lags for a couple of mins then stops responding
  6. After installing the PMDG NGX to P3D V3 everything worked fine but I could activate the product, so I installed all of the simconect clients, after that it worked fine. I have read in order to make the NGX work properly on this V3 it has to be the the startup aircraft, here is where the problem is, when NGX is the startup aircraft the sim wont launch after the splash screen nothing happens. When I reset the cfg file it works again but NGX is not the default aircraft. How can i fix this?
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