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  1. Solved by adding 1700, 1000, 500 ft waypoints. As a side note I've found a little bug. The reset options to default doesn't reset all options, specifically short final high and low altitudes. Also there are 2 more options in the ini file regarding altitudes that don't appear to be configurable in the main program. Now working perfectly, thanks Roland.
  2. Hi , Been testing the HF1 for a few days now and still had very erratic behaviour, (aircraft crashing to ground, no landing, climbing out never to be seen again). My solution was to reinstall on a networked PC, this smoothed it out a little bit (AIController seemed to have more control). Then I locked my FPS in FSX to 30 and since then it has just been as smooth as silk.(Previously set to unlimited and locked to 31 via NVidia inspector) I have one issue remaining........ I have written my own "Final" approach for EGPF rwy23. The aircraft fly the approach perfectly maintaining altitude and direction until they get to approx 2 miles from touchdown and then they go into "GO-AROUND ENHANCED Autogen Approach Rwy23 left Base Pattern". This happens for every aircraft on final using this custom final. once in enhanced mode they come back in and land. I've been tweaking the settings a bit but can't find a solution. Any ideas?
  3. Roland, I forgot in all the excitement to say thank you for what to me has been a really useful flight sim addition and your continued support of the community. Danny Smith
  4. I finally found a solution to my problems posted above. The version of SID/STAR converter included in the download is version 1.1. for some reason this version did not convert the approaches....only the SID and STAR data was converted. I found after some searching a version 1.3 which converted everything including the approaches and have not had any issues since. Not sure if i downloaded the wrong archive for AI Controller V2 but it was from the link on the first page, or if there is an incompatibility with my system and SID/STAR converter. but 1.3 worked... Danny Smith
  5. Just as an update to my above post, EasyJet has just done an inverted flyby at Glasgow (egpf) None of the above issues were present in the previous version but I updated this software and the gsx beta at the same time. Having said that the aircraft fly and land normally without ai controller active . Ps if someone can tell me how to post pictures here I'll show you the above issues. Danny smith
  6. Hi, Ive been using the previous version of AI Controller with no issues at all. Since trying this version departing aircraft depart with no issues at all except the throttle spooling up and down. But the following issues happen to aircraft on approach and final..... 1. Not one aircraft has landed at the airports....They all nosedive at approx 3 miles from runway to around 400ft above ground. they then do 1 of 2 things. a. they land 3 miles short and taxi down the motorway or side roads and crash through the fence to get to the gate. b. they climb to 15000ft and go around never to be seen again, just heading out to sea...... 2. When there is a conflict in air the aircraft instructed to slow by ai controller reduces to 0 kts and doesnt move any further. I investigated this by changing camera to one of the aircraft in question only to find it was attempting to leave the earth completely. Nose up, tail down and throttling to the max......I kid you not....... I have 2 screenshots but cant figure out how to upload them here. I have tried at 3 uk airports all with the same result. Whilst i have found this quite amusing to watch for the past 2 hours there is a serious bug with this new version and my FSX Tell me what info you need from me and ill try and oblige. Danny Smith
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