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  1. Quietly Just Flight released the wonderful airport of Lanzarote in a very high quality with decent price: Just Flight - GCRR - Lanzarote Airport JF continues to impress :-)
  2. An thereafter the BAe-146 please! :-) It is such a wonderful add-on and I bet there are enough users to buy FS2Crew for it. Maybe you can start a poll therefore or even use Kickstarter ;-) Greetings
  3. Hi, I have to agree: while not changing the stock AI car behaviour of MSFS, which indeed needs a major overhaul, the add-on has one big advantage in my point of view. The stock car models were kind of "ghostly" for me when moving, looking kind of blurry. With the LatinVFR models, this is gone and you see the road traffic clearer and not "ghostly", which adds a bit to the immersion in my opinion, also given the small price. Greetings
  4. Hi Mario, funnily I was just messing around with Reverse Thrust as well ;-) I found out that the option "Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust" suits best for me for both FBW A32NX and AS CRJ. I then assigned Buttons "5 + 6" to this option (these are the TM Boeing Throttle Quadrant Reverser Buttons when pulling them up) and it works fine. So it should look like this: https://postimg.cc/hf4C4yp3 Strange thing only is that with the CRJ, when looking from external view, the Reverser is not activated visually, but it does decelerate the aircraft .... Hope this helps? Greetings Tobias
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