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  1. Hi Garry, Sorry I didn't reply to your last posting - I haven't been on for a couple of days. Although I don't have Trackhat, I downloaded the Trackhat version of opentrack and it works! I'm looking at the Trackhat/Opentrack main screen and it's showing Protocol = freetrack 2.0 Enhanced and Profile = P3D.ini. I take it that you have enabled in Chase Plane under Preferences/General "experimental versions" and "auto-launch FSX/P3d" and "enable TrackIR" under Preferences/Camera? Get back and let me know if it works (fingers crossed, I know how frustrating it can be).
  2. Hi Garry, Click on the arrow to the left of the word "Profile" on the main Opentrack screen, then choose from the drop-down menu "Create new copied config" and for the "New File Name" type "FSFX.ini". Then click on "Options" (again on the main opentrack screen) then choose "Game Detection" and add (+ sign) a new entry and under Executable type "ChasePlane.exe" and under Profile type "FSFX.ini". Hope this helps. I know that the version of Opentrack used with Trackhat has been specifically adapted/modified by the developer and is a bit different to the "normal" version but if you have any further probs, I'll try to help (though I'm by no means an expert).
  3. Keven, Brilliant!! It worked!! Thank you - Chase Plane is just about perfect with Trackir/opentrack now working. I don't know if it will help anyone else but here's what I did (I'm using opentrack with a custom built head tracking clip - just like Trackhat). 1. Downloaded TrackIR v5 2. Started TrackIr (minimised to Task Bar) 3. Started Opentrack (Under "Game Detection" Executable = ChasePlane.exe / Profile = FSFX.ini) 4. In my case started Prepar3d (Chase Plane is primed to start with Prepar3d, which in turn is primed to start FSFX.ini) I hope this helps and isn't too confusing! Thanks once again Keven
  4. Same here Garry! Loving Chase Plane but it would be so much better with Trackhat/opentrack support.
  5. Was just wondering if there's any progress with Trackhat compatibility - I'm using opentrack and, like garrymol, utilising the work around. Also, many thanks for what is a very impressive programme.
  6. Can I just add my grateful thanks to bliksimpie and flying_bob. Having very recently bought the Carenado Cessna 172, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks once again gents.
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