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  1. It happened to me sometimes. Try running again the setup of Windows Mixed Reality, but choosing the "Seated" option. That worked for me. I agree with you in VR with the experience. I got recently a Lenovo Explorer and had my most inmmersive experience flying with Aerofly FS2. P3D and X-Plane run fine as well, but i notice some limitations in the image quality and less smoothness.
  2. I hope they release a P3D version of their Jetstream 4100. It's a amazing aircraft, and for sure that's easier that designing a new plane.
  3. I have exactly same VAS problem with road traffic. No idea if this happens only with certain configurations, or it's a common issue but barely reported.
  4. Did you try installing the FSX version in P3D ? Several switches are not functional, but nothing critical because they are not simulated either. Using FSX version with OPTIMIZE_PARTS, it runs very smooth in my computer (Xeon 4 Ghz, 980ti).
  5. I purchased it as well. Very nice plane, my favourite bizjet actually It's a hassle we have to disable OPTIMIZE_PARTS, because the performance hit is significative. Would be great they include an optional model to avoid the bug (may be a cockpit only, removing the cabin objects ?) Besides that, i noticed that GTN 750 suffers same problem than first versions of Flysimware planes: it looks very dark during day and too dark at night. Any idea to fix it ?
  6. Hi, I'm thinking to buy a Combo MCP II Airbus model (unfortunately there is not stock for Boeing model). Please, can you confirm if it can be used with the 737 module ? Thanks,
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