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  1. It happened to me sometimes. Try running again the setup of Windows Mixed Reality, but choosing the "Seated" option. That worked for me. I agree with you in VR with the experience. I got recently a Lenovo Explorer and had my most inmmersive experience flying with Aerofly FS2. P3D and X-Plane run fine as well, but i notice some limitations in the image quality and less smoothness.
  2. I hope they release a P3D version of their Jetstream 4100. It's a amazing aircraft, and for sure that's easier that designing a new plane.
  3. I have exactly same VAS problem with road traffic. No idea if this happens only with certain configurations, or it's a common issue but barely reported.
  4. Did you try installing the FSX version in P3D ? Several switches are not functional, but nothing critical because they are not simulated either. Using FSX version with OPTIMIZE_PARTS, it runs very smooth in my computer (Xeon 4 Ghz, 980ti).
  5. I purchased it as well. Very nice plane, my favourite bizjet actually It's a hassle we have to disable OPTIMIZE_PARTS, because the performance hit is significative. Would be great they include an optional model to avoid the bug (may be a cockpit only, removing the cabin objects ?) Besides that, i noticed that GTN 750 suffers same problem than first versions of Flysimware planes: it looks very dark during day and too dark at night. Any idea to fix it ?
  6. Hi Dave, No, i use Windows 10. I will check if exists a similar service in W10. Unfortunately i had no time to fly lately, so probably i'll do it on weekend. By the way, "Calculate Safe EnRoute Altitudes" is disabled. My Internet connection should be fast (100 Mb. symmetric fibre). What server do you use to check elevation ? (i would do a ping test). Thanks,
  7. Hi, I just upgraded to v. from a previous beta (not sure what version, v.2.0.33 i guess), and i noticed it responds very slowly: select SID or START, change Cruise Alt,... any operation takes about one minute. That was not happenning with the beta. I'm creating a simple plan from GCFV to GCLP, nothing specially complex. Please would you confirm if this is a general issue, or something related to my configuration ? Thanks,
  8. In case that helps for someone: i finally solved the problem deleting the "preferences" folder and adjusting settings from start. Theorically configuration is identical, but now works fine.
  9. Hi, I'm experiencing an unusual FPS drops problem, i would like to confirm if it's a general problem or due to my configuration. - I open a specific location and plane, with weather disabled (to have always same conditions) and got about 55-60 fps. - Next, i just open "Rendering Settings" options, close it without modifying anything. Suddently FPS drops to 45 fps. Once performance drops happens, i must close X-Plane or restart the PC completely (sometimes closing X-Plane fixes the isssue, others no) to get 55 fps again. This problem is consistent, and occurs with certain menu options but not with others. For example, it does with "Pilot Logbook", but not with "Open Location". I tried to remove all plugins, remove extra sceneries but nothing helps. I will try today with a new X-Plane installation. My configuration is X-Plane 10.45, Windows 10, 64 Gb. RAM, 980ti with latest drivers. Any suggestion will be welcome. Thanks !
  10. Hi, I'm using a VRI MCP2 Airbus device with Prepar3D 2.5, FSUIPC 4.939n, LINDA 2.6.3 and PMDG 737NGX. Occasionally the MCP2 locks up while flying (no idea why), and the only way to recover it is turning off/on the device and restarting Prepar3D. I tried other combinations as restarting LINDA, reloading the Lua engine but none works. Have anyone experienced this problem ? Thanks,
  11. Hi, I'm thinking to buy a Combo MCP II Airbus model (unfortunately there is not stock for Boeing model). Please, can you confirm if it can be used with the 737 module ? Thanks,
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