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  1. Yeah same as Vitro A319-21 version and A330
  2. So i been having the same issues since Aerosoft did their last update - the radios on my Vrinsight FCU Airbus addition will not change frequency - it is exactly like on the video on this thread but i dont have ivao program or other virtual traffic programs so i am a bit confused because the only update i have done is to the airbus
  3. Hey guys quick question, I was just wondering if there will ever be the possibility of LINDA support for VrInsight Overhead Panels. Now i know that these panels are different because it has special functions/lights that light up and all of that to match functions and so on . What i am referring to is the simple functions for lights and knobs and just simple buttons functions. I have a A320 panel, paid considerable money and can only use it with the Aerosoft....or wilco...and really wish could at least use if for lights and so on. Manuel Santos
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