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  1. LeSpiceWeasel

    V4 and AI traffic w/ vPilot

    ya i figured that out just 5 min later after posting that comment haha
  2. LeSpiceWeasel

    V4 and AI traffic w/ vPilot

    tryed looking it up but all i get is a sight with nothing more then a forum so a sort. dont know if thats were vpilotai will be
  3. LeSpiceWeasel

    V4 and AI traffic w/ vPilot

    cool, ill check it out. if there is any other/better model matching for v4 let me know because i want to be able to see other aircraft in something other then just CRJs haha
  4. LeSpiceWeasel

    P3Dv4 737 FREEZES

    thanks for the info but turned out a simple update was the case. When in bought, update everything! haha
  5. LeSpiceWeasel

    V4 and AI traffic w/ vPilot

    good point, didnt know VPilot had its own AI, thought that would have come past it by this point with all the searching ive been doing. thanks for the heads up, what AI/Model matching are you using?
  6. LeSpiceWeasel

    V4 and AI traffic w/ vPilot

    hate to brake it to you guys but from what i have been looking up, ur out of luck. the old models for ur model matching is dated as far back as FS9 and with that said, im sure you understand why they are more then likely not going to work in v4. For now i see us having to wait for someone to make an AI traffic compatible with v4 and its 64bit
  7. LeSpiceWeasel

    P3Dv4 737 FREEZES

    i keep having freezing but not till just under an hour into the flight, did 2 flights KSFO->KLAX and KSFO->KPDX and when just into my decent the plane will freeze and P3D would crash. the flight im now doing is descending fine after reinstalling the aircraft and re-updating FSUIPC5. its a good place to start for now, hope it helps...