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  1. wjtrefil

    CANNOT control Trim Wheel again

    Thanks for the reply Kyle. I run FSX and GoFlight Interface Toll as admin. Wind defender excludes fsx and GIT. UAC is off. I just was able to start a flight and shut down FSX, and repeat. This seems to be my work around this issue,which I never seen in the last 3 yrs. 1. start FMX 2. load pmdg737 3. Start GIT 4. Once the PMDG is fully initialized and go directly to the fsxmenu bar and select options\ Display settings\ controls\ then I uncheck the box for enable calibration controls and click OK. Now I have control over the trim wheel with the mouse. You would think that when I finish a flight and close the flight and then exit fsx that fsx would remember my last settings. Oh well! Thanks. Any other insight? Wayne T.
  2. wjtrefil

    CANNOT control Trim Wheel again

    Need help again. I am using FSX;Accel. Win 8.1 PMDG737NGX. I was able to stop the Mouse from controlling the Yoke in the fsx\settings tab\ control tab\ and unchecking the box. This worked for a few flights, but now I cannot get the fsx program to remember my setting. It keeps holding the Mouse as the yoke controller, which then gives me no control over the trim wheel when I am setting it from the FMS. Is there a way to add a line to the FSX.CFG to stop the mouse from contolling the Sim? I tried everything I can think of to work around this, but FSX is not cooperating. Thanks for anyones advice. Wayne T.
  3. wjtrefil

    trim wheel is stuck in high negative values

    KYLE. YOu found the answer. Huge Thanks. The reinstall of FSX set the mouse control to ON. turning it off was the conflict. How do you get your name to show up auto when you post? I don't see where to do this in my profile? Wayne T
  4. wjtrefil

    trim wheel is stuck in high negative values

    The only thing I adjust in FSUIPC is the Soiler and flap axis to work the throttle quadrent with my PFC hardware. PFCFSX.DLL and FSUIPC.DLL are up to date. I will log out and check FSX sim's control page.
  5. wjtrefil

    trim wheel is stuck in high negative values

    how do I add name? Where would I start for the control assignments? My FSUIPC is correct. Can this be in FSX control assignments? Thanks for the answer
  6. does anyone have a answer for why the trim wheel is only giving me high neg values. When I place the mouse curser over the trim wheel I see a positive valvue, but as soon as I try to change it for my desired setting it pops into a negative 8.xx and I cannot get it anywhere near a positive # I just installed the most current version of PMDG 737NGX. New fresh install of FSX and it is in C: FSX