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  1. problem solved by adding two lines to the FSUIPC.INI ProvideAIdata=Yes ProvideAIairports=No
  2. I am having trouble with the Mindstar AVidyne / GNS430 software. Win8.1 PC. FSX. First flight after installation I had no issues when I loaded a four WP Flight plan on the GNS flight plan page. Later, trying to fly again , when in the flight plan page, after making a WP entry and hitting the ENT btn, FSX gets a fatal error and restarts. Continues to happen no matter what i try. I do have the Minstar folder excluded from the MS DEF antiVirus. I do have FSUIPC vers 4.974. ANYone seen this before? Wayne T.
  3. Thanks for the response. What I am still trying to find out is IF I were to install a Garmin GNS 430 back into my system, Is it possible to skip installing that MS Flight sim connect client? That Client interfers with the Goflight Interface tool. If the installation of your software defaults to installing the Client, then if I uninstall just the client in control panel(add /remove programs), will the 430 still function in FSX? Without that module running, the rxpGNS2_menu.dll, how will that effect using the GNS430 in FSX? Maybe you could contact the IT people at PollyPot software who makes the GIT. Thanks for your help. Wayne T.
  4. Back Kyle, Before I read your post, I added PMDG folder to the exclude list for Wind Def AV. I must haveread your mind, for I tested PMDG with no Goflight Interface Tool. Trim wheel functions correctly. All Goflight modules have no function,which makes sense. Reboot PC. Test PMDG again with GIT started up before loading the test flight. And the Trim wheel is OK. MCPPRO and EFIS and all modules are ok. I wonder if adding that c:\FMX\PMDG to the WD exclusion list was the answer. Hope this is the last I need to post help. THANKS!!!!!!!
  5. TO KYLE RODGERS. GIT is the Goflight interface tool that controls the goflight MCPPRO and EFIS and their modules. They all work correctly. What is that Rights issue that one of the postmentioned?
  6. TO KYLE RODGERS. This inability to adjust the trim wheel came back. No matter what I do I cannot get it to work. FSX is running in admin. UAC off. Settings/control/ are disabled. when I start FSX, I start PMDG as usual, start the GIT, load the airport, start flight, let PMDG initialize, and then check the settings/control/ and I see that the mouse is enabled. It should not show that, right? I uncheck the box, say OK, go into the sim and when I place the mouse over the trim wheel I get high neg numbers and that wont work with this a/c. Im at my point of total frustration. Do I have to do a complete reinstall FSX again? Wayne T.
  7. This question is for someone with tech support and RealityXP. I have a issue with the Installation of RealityXP 430 and 530 GNS software. My Airline cockpit that I made has Goflight modules, MCP-PRO, EFIS etc, and I use the Go Flight Interface Tool 3.6.1, with PMDG737NGX v 1.20.8465. FSX Accel. Win 8.1 I run all programs as Admin. After installation of the Reality GNS software, I also had to install the Garmin trainer and Microsoft flight Simulator SimConnect Client v. 1.0.61259.0 Their software works with a GA aircraft. Here is my problem: I fly mostly PMDG. This SIMCon client stops the GIT from talking with the MCPPRO unit. Restarting GIT, running the wizard in the GIT interface does no good. When I uninstalled the Reality software, GNS trainer, AND the SimCon Client, reboot.....test my Cockpit with PMDG all is back to normal. Have you heard about this from anyone else? IF I reinstall the Reality xp 430/530, then GNS trainer, and note that Sim Con installed, THEN go to ADD/REMOVE Prog and UNINSTALL that SimCon Client....WILL the Reality software function? 3 weeks ago, when I first installed Reality, and this problem came up, The tech at GIT tried to help and after many attempts, I was told to reinstall FSX. I do not want to start all over again. I don't need to use this Reality that BAD. I HAVE TIME TO GET A REFUND. Thanks for the advice. Wayne T.
  8. Thanks for the reply Kyle. I run FSX and GoFlight Interface Toll as admin. Wind defender excludes fsx and GIT. UAC is off. I just was able to start a flight and shut down FSX, and repeat. This seems to be my work around this issue,which I never seen in the last 3 yrs. 1. start FMX 2. load pmdg737 3. Start GIT 4. Once the PMDG is fully initialized and go directly to the fsxmenu bar and select options\ Display settings\ controls\ then I uncheck the box for enable calibration controls and click OK. Now I have control over the trim wheel with the mouse. You would think that when I finish a flight and close the flight and then exit fsx that fsx would remember my last settings. Oh well! Thanks. Any other insight? Wayne T.
  9. Need help again. I am using FSX;Accel. Win 8.1 PMDG737NGX. I was able to stop the Mouse from controlling the Yoke in the fsx\settings tab\ control tab\ and unchecking the box. This worked for a few flights, but now I cannot get the fsx program to remember my setting. It keeps holding the Mouse as the yoke controller, which then gives me no control over the trim wheel when I am setting it from the FMS. Is there a way to add a line to the FSX.CFG to stop the mouse from contolling the Sim? I tried everything I can think of to work around this, but FSX is not cooperating. Thanks for anyones advice. Wayne T.
  10. KYLE. YOu found the answer. Huge Thanks. The reinstall of FSX set the mouse control to ON. turning it off was the conflict. How do you get your name to show up auto when you post? I don't see where to do this in my profile? Wayne T
  11. The only thing I adjust in FSUIPC is the Soiler and flap axis to work the throttle quadrent with my PFC hardware. PFCFSX.DLL and FSUIPC.DLL are up to date. I will log out and check FSX sim's control page.
  12. how do I add name? Where would I start for the control assignments? My FSUIPC is correct. Can this be in FSX control assignments? Thanks for the answer
  13. does anyone have a answer for why the trim wheel is only giving me high neg values. When I place the mouse curser over the trim wheel I see a positive valvue, but as soon as I try to change it for my desired setting it pops into a negative 8.xx and I cannot get it anywhere near a positive # I just installed the most current version of PMDG 737NGX. New fresh install of FSX and it is in C: FSX
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