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  1. I don't have CV1 only DK2 I've got final release on pre-order but the DK2 works fine with v3. As for the other ATC variants they are all targeted to commercial stuff and not GA which I am currently training for
  2. I think Tegwyn would not respond, a quick look up of Internal Working Ltd. on company check shows what looks like he has cashed out and is looking to dissolve the company. now it may be because of health grounds as he is 57/58 or some other reason.... its a shame it really is. I only recently bought his software but due to problems with FSX and FlyInside FSX i am having to use Prepar3d as the framerates are so much better for VR. but i miss Vox ATC.... i just wish we could get the source to work on if he's called it a day
  3. I have exactly the same issue when the Panel Builder program was installed on a Windows 8.1 client. I have got to the botom of the issue and emailsed the developer with my findings, the only way around this is to ensure, the NIC you are using is at the Top of the NIC bindings under the advanced menu (this still wont fix it on Windows 8.1) and then disable all Network interfaces you are not using. after disabling the interfaces, reboot and then you should be able to connect. this situation is far from ideal and needs fixed ASAP IMHO without this it will not connect, and it does only affect Windows 8.1 machines, I have forwarded details to the developer which also highlight the same and potentially how to change the Multicast group joining method
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